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RISE with SAP or Direct Cloud?

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RISE with SAP is a new offering combining software license, infrastructure and technical managed services (TMS) as a subscription; it aims at supporting business transformation and accelerating cloudadoption by minimizing the guesswork and piecemeal license purchases associated with enterprise planning. As with any new offering, RISE with SAP has prompted plenty of interest and questions, with customers wondering which path to take.

The right answer will vary from organization to organization and to fully leverage the opportunities of each path there are several factors defining your ideal settings, such as agility, innovation, security and reliability, service delivery models, cost optimization, software licensing, commercial contracts, and implementation roadmaps.

We help you understand if you should continue your SAP journey by moving your ECC / ERP to Cloud and SAP S/4HANA, or if you should pivot to the RISE with SAP offering. To aid you in your decision-making process, let’s start by introducing you to RISE with SAP and SAP Direct to Cloud, then compare them side-by-side.