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EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Double exposure of business woman with the World of futuristic internet communication

SAP - コンプライアンス上の課題トップ10とは

このホワイトペーパーでは、SAPのお客様に見られる最も一般的なライセンス コンプライアンス問題の概要を説明しています。

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  • Whitepaper
  • PyraCloud, Cloud Spend Management



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How to Reduce Security Risks for Your Remote Workers

Remote working can be of great advantage but there are risks. In order to ensure the security of your company, its data, and employees you need to have a foundation laid. This checklist helps IT and security workers to improve their security.

Security Checklist Remote Workers

How To Secure Your Workplace When Working From Home

Organizations need to begin taking steps to shore up security for remote workers today. Most of these approaches begin with properly educating employees. We put together a checklist to help remote workers working securely from home.