Digital Transformation Advisory

Let Technology Become Your Catalyst for Business Growth

Let Technology Become a Catalyst for Business Growth

The speed at which the world moves has proven, in many different areas, that traditional business models with limited flexibility fail. Organizations need to shift to a more adaptable, agile framework that is entirely digitally enabled. We are now ready to re-think how we manage an organization – and are taking this whole discussion beyond debate to turn it into a real plan of action.

SoftwareONE’s Digital Transformation Advisory helps you identify strategic areas of opportunities. Process optimizations and technology may be transformed and leveraged to create and enhance a dynamically connected digital ecosystem.

Going Digital to Drive Business Success

Keeping up with markets and competitors remains one of the main challenges for modern companies. The biggest drivers of market growth are the mix between consumer understanding and digital environments with the increasing penetration of mobile devices and the adoption of the cloud.

55% of companies without a digital transformation strategy believe they have less than a year before they start to lose market share.

45% of executives don’t think their company has the right technology to implement a digital transformation strategy

87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry

44% are prepared for a potential digital disruption

Closing the Digital Gap

Using technology to create differentiating ways of doing business can accelerate your business growth in new and existing markets. Still, organizations may find it sometimes challenging to align the immediate need to rush into a transformation journey with their business priorities and to create a proper strategy with regards to:

  • Culture of Change: Which strategies do you have to address the organizational change required to transform?
  • Knowledge & Expertise: It takes a combination of talent and technology to go through your digital transformation. One without the other will not cut it.
  • Accessibility of Information: How can your organization leverage desperate data silos to generate actionable information?
  • Digital Process: Do you have the right process to support your business automation and improve efficiency?
  • Budget and ROI: Organizations must make the right transformation investments to get the maximum ROI.

The Three P’s of Digital Transformation

When thinking about digital transformation, people tend to start to implement new emerging technologies into their businesses. But this is only one part of the success story. Technology implementation without accompanying organizational change is likely to result in suboptimal outcomes. Indeed, the benefits of digital transformation can only be achieved with the right blend of people, skills and organizational structure. SoftwareONE's transformation services are all based upon these pillars - including people, processes and performance alike to make sure you are building a technology-based, digital information-oriented culture that allows you to significantly improve business performance.


Transform your organization


Transform business processes to leverage a new digital architecture


Improve your customer experience

The Strategic Approach to Digital Transformation with SoftwareONE

We help to understand and to define what digital transformation is and the impact it will have on your company. You will be equipped with a clear roadmap for creating and harvesting the values digital tools and technologies bring. At its core, we support you in implementing organizational change and technology as we offer an integrated framework (combined approach of Advisory and Delivery) to realize the full digital transformation potential.



Challenge Identification Understand Digital Readiness Prioritizing & Setting the Digital Strategy Identify Solutions Accelerate Time-to-Value Develop Growth Strategy
Change Enablement + Knowledge Transfer + User Adoption

Build the Foundation for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Do you struggle with the complexity of digital transformation? SoftwareONE’s Digital Transformation Advisory helps you to build the foundation for your transformation journey. With the help our of expert team you can identify your digital needs and structure the solutions needed for adaption, continuity, and growth. Based on our own digital growth best practices and industry standards you will:

  • Envision digitization as a habit with a workshop based on Industry benchmarks and recommended best practices.
  • Discover your digital maturity through an assessment from the point of view of technological vigilance and digital experience. 
  • Understand people, processes, and tools based on a clear vision & strategy for your user experience.

Underpinned by a solid Digital Transformation Roadmap you will be able to develop and deliver growth strategies to improve your business and your user’s digital journey.

Embrace the Values of SoftwareONE’s Digital Transformation Advisory

Digital transformation has the power to bring businesses to a whole new level. By creating the foundation and gaining a better understanding of your overall roadmap to achieve your business goals, you will soon be able to benefit from:

Improved Transparency

Accelerated Time-to-Value

Reduced Risks & Avoided Pitfalls

Rely On The Global Expert

SoftwareONE focuses on providing our customers with best-in-class skills, support, agility, and cost-efficiency. From value-added managed services to state-of-the-art network and security operations centers, we think globally and act locally in 90 countries!

+ 120 active projects.

+ 400 apps in support, maintenance, and evolution.

1,300+ technology experts

(software developers, architects, designers, etc.)

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IT Services certification - ISO 20000

Dev certification - CMMI DEV 5

Think globally act locally in 90 countries

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