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Managed Edge Access Solution

A workplace security solution complete with professional services and managed services featuring leading Cisco products

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Become more secure with Managed Edge Access


Delivers a complete workplace security solution built for the cloud and mobile first world


  • Includes professional services and managed services
  • Implemented quickly and simple to maintain
  • Based on a comprehensive threat database and artificial intelligence (AI) to effectively stay ahead of attacks
Cisco security products
Built with Cisco products

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A Unified and Multi-Layered Approach


For IT, privacy and compliance teams working for small to medium businesses who need to to address the growing threats that come from email and internet access which represent 99% of the ways by which companies get attacked and infiltrated.

  • Security built-in by first establishing business requirements and identifying critical assets to form a baseline
  • Methodical hardening of the entire infrastructure to make it more difficult for attackers to reach systems and data
  • Proactive management of security and compliance posture
  • Improves security for networks, clouds, end points, and applications

Understanding the Evolving Threat Landscape

computer threats

  • As our reliance on technology and digital devices increases so has the means by which attackers can infiltrate a company

  • By far the biggest threat comes from email and internet access which represent 99% of the ways by which companies get attacked and infiltrated

 Email is now the #1 attack vector and responsible for the start of 95% of breaches.
 Ransomware alone will cost companies $20B in 2020
   An estimated 58.4% of all sensitive corporate data in the cloud is stored in Office 365
   Microsoft last year even reported in their Security Intelligence Report a 300% increase in Microsoft user account attacks

Become More Secure by Focusing on 3 Core Areas:

Control and filter traffic coming into networks
Provide an extra layer of identity verification on employee phones, tablets and laptops
Secure emails and defend against compromising threats such as Malware and Ransomware

The SoftwareONE Approach

Workplace security solution complete with professional services and managed services which leverages Cisco’s leading security products


The solution is built to offer unparalleled flexibility in support of a workforce which is increasingly mobile and expects to work without compromises using any device and from any location.


From the initial assessment to responding to new threats in real-time, the solution is architected to move fast without requiring much help from IT or disrupting employees.

24x7x365 Expertise

SoftwareONE’s team of experts have the knowledge to deliver and maintain the right solution anywhere in the world and can offload a company’s team using a shared security model which ensures accountability.

Clients benefit from a solution with the following attributes:

  • Leverages real-time intelligence along with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and comprehensive protection for attachments, advanced phishing, and domains as well as data loss prevention and encryption
  • Designed to detect and block more threats before they reach users.
  • Uses automation and advanced intelligence to constantly learn and evolve.
  • Works instantly with all apps by allowing the user to self-enroll and benefit from blistering fast authentication without the need for manually entering codes.
  • Delivers real-time reporting.

4 Step Process

Helps Ensure the Solution Delivers on Business Goals

1. Establish and define business requirements for security and compliance

  • What is the organizational structure and who are the stakeholders for security?
  • What products, services and data need to be protected?
  • What policies and procedures need to be in place?
  • What are the regulatory obligations?

2. Identify critical assets and evaluate/baseline the security posture of those assets

  • Discover where important information is stored, processed and transmitted.
  • Determine business criticality of those assets and prioritize what needs to be protected first.
  • Assess the security and compliance posture, identifying inherent risks of those assets.
  • Prioritize the closure of security and compliance gaps found during the assessment stage.

3. Harden the attack surface and make it difficult for attackers to compromise

  • Establish and test policies, procedures and configurations to minimize risk.
  • Develop and implement a security awareness training program for all employees.
  • Protect the identities of your employees and prevent stolen credentials.
  • Automate the detection, prevention and remediation of threats to critical assets.

4. Take a proactive approach to security and compliance management

  • Leverage threat intelligence to proactively stay ahead of threats.
  • Develop and implement a threat detection and response practice (SOC).
  • Continuous visibility, monitoring and insights into the security and compliance posture.
4 step process

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  • We are offering select clients an advisory service with a complimentary Cisco Umbrella trial.
  • This advisory is a no risk offer to you and Cisco Umbrella allows our team to quickly identify possible vulnerabilities and provide immediate recommendations on how to tighten up your network security.



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