Application Development Services

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Application Development Services

Applications are the building blocks of a mature cloud environment. But doing the work demands time as well as design and development resources beyond the remit of many IT teams. Working with a trusted partner is typically the fastest path to market when you need to launch a mobile customer experience, web service, microservice, or containerized application. An established trust-based partnership is essential.

SoftwareOne Application Development Services deliver cloud-native technologies and practices that empower customers to build and run flexible, scalable, cost-efficient applications. Work with our 3,000+ cloud experts to innovate and accelerate development so you can respond nimbly to business opportunities and challenges.

The SoftwareOne CX Lab delivers engaging, profitable software

Our comprehensive, guided approach to software design and development produces applications that capture the attention and loyalty of customers and employees. We use design thinking, event-storming and domain-driven design methodologies to quickly workshop the requirements that address your business needs. The process is simple and effective. We deliver on time and within budget.

Advise. SoftwareOne CX Lab researchers develop proto-persona definitions and a user journey map based on a complete understanding of your stakeholders and business goals. The collaborative process draws the best of your team’s thinking, translating it into solution design assets and wireframes. Facilitation delivers a design and cloud deployment plan for one or more hyperscaler platforms, supporting global access with high reliability.

Build. We combine local resources within your time zone with remote developers to respond promptly to your needs at the lowest possible cost. Our Well-Architected Framework, a vendor-agnostic, expanded version of the hyperscaler development framework, supports rapid development and testing to assure compatibility and performance on any target platform. We apply automation, patterns, and assets that deliver fast, consistent user experience in the final product.

Manage. Our team supports and scales your ongoing development and optimisation efforts. We help your organisation evolve the application using extended value practices such as continuous modernization, performance and security governance, and strategic management of your application portfolio.


Learn how our developers deliver transformational applications

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    Facilitating access to healthcare services with online chats and video calls

    SoftwareOne’s Application Services helped Emi to provide remote telehealth services, including online chats and video calls with medical staff to better serve patients.

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Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.