SAP Licensing Advisory Service

SAP Licensing Advisory Services

Optimize your spend, reduce your risks.

Take back control with SoftwareONE’s SAP Licensing Advisory Services

SoftwareONE’s consultants are industry-leading experts on the complexities of the SAP software landscape including, but not limited to, audit and licensing management. We offer independent advice to companies of all sizes, helping them to understand their SAP environments, manage SAP costs, analyze and pinpoint areas of optimization, and greatly reduce risk. 

We assist with every challenge you encounter

How can you assist with visibility & transparency?

SoftwareONE will assist you in the possible multiple commercial and legal risk with the use of SAP Software.

S/4HANA migration services

SoftwareONE will help you to optimize your license position with the best contractual terms at the lowest price.

SAP’s license management is complex

SoftwareONE will help you navigate through named users, engines/packages, BusinessObjects, Sybase, SuccessFactors and more to streamline your future SAP licensing needs.

Does Indirect Access pose a compliance risk?

SAP’s view is that all uses of SAP Software, whether direct or indirect, requires licensing. We will explain  the various licensing options for Indirect Access, and choose the one that’s right for you.

In fact, many organisations are in a compromising position with respect to their SAP environment. Our specialists are regularly asked questions around license costs, optimisation and compliance risk. Each time they provide bespoke solutions that fit perfectly with the each clients’ needs. Typical questions include:

  • Am I compliant with my SAP contract? 
  • Does my existing SAP licensing meet the demands and requirements of my business? 
  • What steps can I take to proactively manage SAP licensing? 
  • How do I prepare for an audit ahead of time? 
  • SoftwareONE’s SAP Licensing Advisory Services can help address the challenges and complexities surrounding SAP licensing, allowing organizations to focus on their core competencies and drive business growth and innovation

SoftwareONE SAP Licensing Advisory Services

All of our services are comprehensive, thorough and can be customized to fit with your particular needs.


SoftwareONE helps you to address your annual SAP Standard Audit submission needs, including user creation and classifications, licensing metrics and disclosure strategy. Remove any doubt, avoid risks and meet SAP audit requirements prior to submission.


In addition to the Standard Service, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation of all SAP products that aren’t measured via USMM, with the option of investigating non-SAP and custom developed interfaces. The result is a holistic environment overview with the licensing risks and opportunities, with a special emphasis on the various licensing options related to Indirect Access.


With our global experience of SAP contractual terms and licensing arrangements, we will uncover the best licensing scenarios and customized contract design solution for your company. Plus we offer guidance and support throughout the negotiation process.


Let us manage everything for you. We will design, build, and implement proactive end-to-end processes to manage procurement, usage, measurement, and optimization of your entire SAP landscape, giving you total peace of mind and great cost savings.

SoftwareONE SAP Process

Kick-Off / Project Planning

Outcome: A detailed project plan outlining resources,  timelines, expectations, action points, logistics and more.

Interviews With Key Stakeholders

Outcome: You’ll receive a roadmap on how to exploit any opportunities and mitigate the risks identified in the  short, medium and long-term.

Contractual Analysis

Outcome: Discover how SAP  interprets contractual T&Cs and usage rights and see how to mitigate any risk areas based on SoftwareONE’s market intelligence.

Usage Analysis

Outcome: You’ll enjoy full visibility on what exists within your environment, giving you a stronger negotiation position. Licenses can be reallocated to ensure the best license usage.

In-Depth Indirect Usage

Outcome: We’ll help provide visibility on what SAP will be seeking when assessing your usage. It includes a quantitative assessment of  commercial risk for in-scope  applications.

Presentation & Delivery

Outcome: You’ll understand the processes and  methodologies used and gain clear insights into best practice SAP license management for you.

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