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Transform and Accelerate Your Construction Business

SoftwareONE has partnered with RIB Software, providing the market presence and delivery capabilities to offer RIB Software's MTWO construction cloud platform globally. We are committed to jointly fueling technological innovation for AEC customers so they can better manage risks, avoid rework and reduce waste. As of 2021, MTWO is available from SoftwareONE in 25 countries.

The AEC industry is one of the world economy’s largest sectors, yet this sector has been far slower than other industries in adopting and adapting to new technology, causing its labor productivity to stagnate. The pandemic has significantly impacted this industry in several ways, as the new normal affects almost every aspect of the process, from the construction activities to the slow movement of supplies, including project delays, productivity loss and supply chain disruptions. These impacts have accelerated the need for digital transformation and make digitization and digital connectivity a key piece of every business' strategy.

Although the challenges are immense, the evolution is incredible. Exploring digital transformation and business model trends is on the list of many companies. SoftwareONE and RIB have formed a strategic partnership to help construction businesses on their digital transformation journey by adopting the leading vertical integrated cloud platform, MTWO. With our combined power, we help you win more bids and increase profit margins by managing project lifecycles better and smarter with one complete solution.

Turning Challenges into Business Opportunities

Despite a promising outlook with the upturn of infrastructure demand, transitioning to new technology is a major challenge the AEC industry faces. With the price of goods increasing in 2021, construction companies need to look long and hard at areas that can be optimized to drive a better bottom line, so businesses need to prioritize efficiency to succeed and to turn current gaps into new opportunities.

Wasted time and budget due to unstructured and unused construction data with outdated processes or un-integrated tools

Lack of transparency into project lifecycles & project delays due to un-identified patterns in data to automate processes and uncovered data-driven insights

Stagnated productivity & lower efficiency due to slow change and adoption of new technologies, as well as siloed usage of collaboration and planning tools

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Environmental impact of construction due to large amount of carbon dioxide and methane caused by construction projects

Implementing the leading vertical cloud solution MTWO helps you to increase your productivity up to 30% while staying in control of costs and time through-out the whole construction & building process and minimizing the risks of overspend or project delays.

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MTWO – The Next Generation Construction Software

Whether you are a contractor or a project owner, bringing together all aspects of your project planning and implementation into one platform, is your key to success. Purpose-built for the AEC industry, MTWO is a future-ready construction enterprise cloud software platform that helps you manage all projects from end-to-end with 5D BIM. MTWO connects  all stakeholders so they can collaborate at each phase of the process, anytime, anywhere and through any device. It provides aggregated real-time intelligent data for effective decision-making. With MTWO project teams can build faster, smarter and better and enterprises are enabled to be more efficient, sustainable and successful.

MTWO combines RIB's iTWO 4.0 software with Microsoft Azure, to offer a Next Generation 5D BIM Enterprise Construction Cloud  Software for contractors, developers, and owners to speed up their project and enterprise level digitalization journey:

5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management

Link your project lifecycle management to 5D Building Information Models in order to group all relevant data in one place. The resulting streamlined workflows ensures data consistency and helps to provide insight for future project development


Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly and effectively with MTWO, an end-to-end enterprise project delivery platform that enables your company to connect all stakeholders, manage all projects and standardize all workflows, enterprise-wide in one place.


Business Intelligence

Understand your data matters more today than ever before. MTWO helps you analyze the enterprise Big Data in your database to draw data-driven conclusions so that you can make smarter decisions and win more business opportunities.


Learn how MTWO can transform and future-ready Your Construction Business.

With deep industry know-how and innovation with 5D BIM (Building Information Modelling), BI (Business Intelligence) and Cloud Technologies, MTWO connects all people, process and data in one place. The end result is streamlined workflow, better collaboration and higher productivity.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with a ready-to-use Solution

With comprehensive functionalities and advanced AI and BI capabilities deployed on Microsoft Azure Cloud, MTWO supports all project stakeholders to manage multiple projects and communicate with teams anytime, anywhere with multiple internet-connected devices. Up and running within maximal 48 hours, you will quickly embrace the benefits of:

Cost Transparency & Full Project Control

Centralized project life cycle management in one cloud

Optimized schedules and budgets

Reduced risk & rework

Improved Collaboration & Efficiency

Multi-role, multi-project, multi-workflow all connected in one platform

Standardized workflows

Access to all people, all projects, all data in one data hub

Agile Decision-Making & Increased Predictability

Customizable reports

Interactive data visualization

Holistic and actionable insights

SoftwareONE and RIB – Together We Accelerate Your Building and Construction Management.

SoftwareONE and RIB have formed a strategic partnership to help construction businesses on their digital transformation journey by adopting the leading vertical integrated cloud platform, MTWO.

Let us help you to identify your most urgent business needs and explore how implementing an end-to-end construction cloud solution can boost your business performance.

We help you embrace the cloud – in a country near you

By combining our global presence with local expertise, we make the full value of MTWO available in 25+ markets in 2021.

Leverage combined constructions and technology experience

Our team comes from construction and related industries. We apply this knowledge to BIM, data, integration and cloud migration to reach your future state.

Let us take care of your Cloud adoption strategy

With more than 30 years experience working with Microsoft, we have the best team of experts to guide you on your journey.

Take advantage of best-practices across the globe

Leverage the success of other countries for yourself. Based on our global experience we bring the expertise you need to scale into your market.

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