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FinOps Diagnostic

Understand, Plan and Improve Cloud & FinOps Maturity

FinOps Diagnostic: Understand, Plan and Improve Cloud & FinOps Maturity

Digital transformation continues to drive the rate at which organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud, in order to achieve business advantage through faster innovation and speed to market. While this offers better employee experience and faster routes to market, the rapid shift can make controlling cloud spend and ensuring accountability of cloud costs across the business more far more challenging.

FinOps or Cloud Financial Management can be applied to take control of spiraling spend and enable IT to become a service organization that adds value to the business.

Are you really in control of your cloud spend?

Our FinOps Diagnostic service helps you assess and understand your current cloud cost management capabilities and overall cloud governance maturity. Our certified FinOps experts will analyze your current operation in relation to best-practice to identify potential optimization opportunities. You can then build an objective business case that includes ROI and key facts and figures to gain financial buy-in from your executives and key stakeholders, ultimately lowering the risk of overspend in the cloud.

FinOps Diagnostic​

As part of our FinOps Diagnostic, our team of Certified FinOps experts will provide you with a set of recommendations based on proven FinOps practices that will help your organization in managing cloud spend and eliminating risks.

Optimize budgets and forecasts

Get consistent and accurate information on cloud usage

Allocate cloud costs to the corresponding business

Create showbacks or chargebacks and maintain tagging of resources

Identify gaps in current cloud management strategy

Build expertise and maintain knowledge, led by SoftwareONE experts

Implement procedures to reduce cloud costs

Identify anomalies and receive recommendations on what to adjust

Improve maturity level

Through recommendations based on your unique strengths and weaknesses

How to get Started With FinOps

FinOps enables IT to develop into a service organization that focuses on adding value to the business with cloud technology. Download our infographic to find out how to get started with FinOps.

FinOps Quick Start Infographic
How to get Started With FinOps Infographic Preview

Our FinOps Diagnostic Service

Working closely with your team, our Certfied team of FinOps experts will gather information using approximately 150 weighted questions focused on cloud management related topics (e.g. Cloud Transformation Alignment, Cloud Maturity, Cloud Strategy, Cloud Security, Cloud Platform) as well as FinOps or cloud financial management practices. Following that, our Certified team of experts will provide a set of recommendations based on proven FinOps practices, helping your organization effectively manage cloud spend and eliminating associated risk.

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Architecture

FinOps Diagnostic Dashboards​

Following the completion of our detailed Diagnostic assessment of your current cloud capabilities, you will be given access to our Diagnostic platform which has been designed to give you, your leadership and key stakeholders a detailed 360-degree view of your organization’s current position.

Through a series of detailed, yet easy to consume dashboards, we will highlight areas of your operations that require attention. Our team of Certified FinOps experts will also provide you with a unique Action Plan, containing prioritized set of recommendations that cover the following areas…

  • Cloud Maturity

  • Cloud Strategy

  • Cloud Alignment

  • Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Security

  • FinOps Information

  • FinOps Optimization

  • FinOps Operation

FinOps Certified Service Provider

A Team You Can Trust

SoftwareONE is FinOps Certified

Our FinOps services and platform have been certified by the FinOps Foundation. We have over 200 Certified FinOps Practitioners, more than any other organization. We are proud to be Premier Members of the FinOps Foundation, helping to advance the global adoption of FinOps and best practices.

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FinOps Certified Platform

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