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Modernizing Your Applications for Today’s Business Demands

Modernizing Your Applications for Today’s Business Demands

Almost every company is delivering a complex mix of applications – starting from custom applications to applications hosted on virtual servers, packaged applications or services hosted outside of their business environment. According to IBM, less than 20% of applications are currently in the cloud, and this proportion is expected to increase, resulting in both hybrid and multi-cloud adoption. Managing all these different sets of applications in a multi-channel environment is becoming a major challenge.

At SoftwareONE, we combine strategy, technology, data science and design based on the needs of our customers, to create solutions or services that enhance their business models.

Managing Diversity

71% of CEOs say the priority for their chief information officers is improved agility and faster time to market.

McKinsey & Company, 2019

The Building Blocks for Modern Applications

Plan Your Application Service Journey with SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE's Application Services take a holistic view of an organization’s needs when it comes to modernization and efficiency. From a custom line of business applications to actionable data insights, we make your digital transformation vision a reality.

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