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Simplify Your Software Portfolio, Reduce Costs and Minimize Compliance Risks

IBM  offers one of the broadest and most complex portfolios of software of any technology company. SoftwareONE specialists will work closely with you to offer clarity on your portfolio, roadmap decisions, renewal strategy, contract build and negotiation, and ongoing management.

Quick IBM licensing insights

  • 31k part numbers with 9 different price levels

  • 5 to 200 announcement letters each week (product changes

  • Most products are available in different editions

  • Approx. 270 license metrics (incl. ICA)

  • Not fulfilling sub-capacity terms reverts to full-capacity terms

IBM  Advisory Services

SoftwareONE Advisory Services cover every angle you need to optimize your current software portfolio in terms of operational efficiency, compliance and redundant cost. We’re ready to give you the clarity you need.

Do These Questions Sound Familiar to You?

What’s the right IBM platform and products?

Our IBM certified specialists, will assist in choosing exactly the right IBM platforms, products and editions to match your business needs.

How do we optimize our contracts at renewal?

We’ll guide your team in choosing what software to renew, but also what’s the best way to negotiate the terms and conditions. Optimizing costs in the process.

What’s the best strategic IT investment?

By understanding your entire portfolio, we can assist in making the right investment that will future proof your IT infrastructure. And help in convincing internal stakeholders too.

We lack clarity on license and compliance issues.

With deep analysis of your portfolio and setup, our specialists can help to reduce your exposure to compliance risks and problematic licensing audits.

Why choose SoftwareONE?

Get More From ILMT

SoftwareONE can optimize an existing deployment, install a new instance, and provide ongoing management of the ILMT tool. This allows you to report an accurate data to IBM, and steer clear of any risk. 

Latest IBM services and topics

Red Hat + IBM become the leading hybrid cloud provider

How will this acquisition, impact existing license agreements? We can help you understand the changes, re-negotiate contracts with IBM for most favourable terms and pricing, and help clarify your compliance position and licensing requirements.

Bluemix is now IBM Cloud - Innovate with the cloud.

SoftwareONE has the Cloud Technology Services and IBM Advisory Services expertise that can support your organisation with your Cloud strategies and migration. We’ll advise you on the right technologies, licensing strategies, and migration support.

Maximise the value of your IBM License Tool (ILMT)

ILMT is used to determine the Full and Sub-capacity licensing needs in a physical or virtual environment. Our IBM certified specialists will help you plan, design, deploy and manage this mandatory tool – giving you total peace of mind in the process.

  • In-depth knowledge of IBM software licenses to reap the benefits of ILMT features.

  • We’ll create strategies to reduce costs.

  • Analyze audit reports and foremost recommendations to best utilize the PVU license entitlements.

  • Helps in maintaining a continually updated IBM software inventory.

Industry leading IBM advice and support

Our specialists’ proven expertise is ready to work for you. Get the answers you need.


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