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SaaS Management

Managing Spend and Risk around Software as a Service

SaaS Management: Managing Spend and Risk around Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a growing share of the public cloud services market, with spending expected to top $130B in 2021! This dramatic growth has meant most organizations’ IT Procurement and Asset Management teams are under increasing pressure to manage the associated SaaS consumption and contract negotiations – resulting in up to 30% or more in wasted expenditure.

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Why SoftwareONE’s SaaS Management Solution?

With the right combination of technology and processes, ITAM and Procurement teams can have a holistic view of their organizations’ SaaS Management, and with that information at hand, they can manage subscriptions, negotiate contracts and ensure waste is mitigated. By combining the right balance of technology and expertise, we help to centralize and simplify your SaaS contracts and spend. SoftwareONE’s SaaS Management service delivers the following key outcomes:

SaaS Discovery

Expand visibility of SaaS applications and usage across your organization through discovery methods such as expense systems integrations or web monitoring - all via a single management platform.

Cost Optimization

Receive reports on under-and over-utilized products and features, and then get right-sizing recommendations. We enrich consumption data where API integrations fall short of providing granular feature-level consumption reports.

Risk Management

Get expert advice on best contract terms & negotiation strategies that factor in your risk requirements as well as specific business needs, when it comes to SaaS applications.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Access insights & reporting on business unit and product-level consumption trends to help you mitigate unbudgeted costs and promote a culture of accountability for cloud costs across the organization.

Improved User Experience

Get visibility into all your sanctioned SaaS applications & consumption levels in one central platform. Provide your end users access to sanctioned SaaS products quicker so they can manage subscription levels proactively and minimize waste.

What is FinOps? Your Guide to Cloud Financial Management

In this eBook we introduce you to FinOps. We explain what FinOps is, why your organization should adopt it, how to get started on your journey and how your organization can use this approach to maximize every dollar spent in the cloud.

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