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Bringing ITAM Out of the Shadows

Bringing ITAM Out of the Shadows

IT Asset Management (ITAM) has historically focused on software license compliance, however ITAM teams offer so much more to organizations beyond compliance. ITAM professionals have typically worked in the shadows, however market forces have recently thrust ITAM into the spotlight. This has sparked a need for professional organizations to educate companies about ITAM and all the benefits it has to offer.

Enter the ITAM Forum – a non-profit trade body led by ITAM professionals for ITAM professionals created to advance the ITAM industry as a whole.

ITAM Challenges


Technological transformation is leading to increased costs, however ITAM professionals are being tasked to keep costs down

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Organizations are operating with fewer people to deliver projects and apply governance


ITAM is required to take on both economic and security risks as pressures mount to reduce costs and maintain profit levels for stakeholders and business owners

A Patron of ITAM Forum

To solve those challenges, ITAM professionals need support. That’s why SoftwareONE is proud to be a patron of the ITAM Forum so we can help IT professionals navigate the current environment and assist them in delivering: cost savings, enhanced security, business agility/digital transformation, risk management and many other secondary benefits to their organizations.

Integrity is one of our core values, and we believe that certifications are one way ITAM professionals can increase their integrity and credibility. ITAM Forum has also created a new certification program that will allow organizations to demonstrate the quality of their ITAM practices, and we are honored to support this initiative.

To learn more about ITAM Forum, visit the resources below:

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Making the case for good ITAM and organisational certification

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Darryl Sackett

“Partnering with ITAM Forum was an easy decision. We are thrilled to support and contribute towards an organization whose goal is to evangelize ITAM, create a new certification standard and attract more talent into this essential and ever-growing role within the technology industry.”

Global Leader, Software Lifecycle Management

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