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SAP insurance that is perfect fit

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KOT Insurance Company AG moves to the Azure Cloud for increased SAP system security

KOT Insurance is governed by insurance and financial sector regulatory entities such as the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), making security always a high priority.

When vulnerability concerns arose for its IT infrastructure and SAP systems hosted in a local data center, the insurer accelerated planned changes. KOT Insurance wanted greater cost-efficiencies, improved flexibility, and security. As a trusted partner and an established leader in SAP cloud migrations, SoftwareOne was a natural choice to help. Microsoft Azure was selected as the most suitable cloud option for the company’s SAP landscape. It included increased flexibility and the Disaster Recovery solution necessary for a highly regulated industry with strict security requirements.

Utilizing its proven SAP on Azure solution, SoftwareOne planned and executed the SAP to Azure migration. As a result, the new platform has reduced costs while improving resilience, security, and reliability, and accelerating support response times for business-critical applications.

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KOT Insurance Company AG
‘Lift-and-shift’ migration of SAP ERP to Microsoft Azure including database upgrade, supported by additional Managed Services and SoftwareOne’s shared Solution Manager, running on Azure
In the last three years of cooperation with SoftwareOne, they have demonstrated that their level of professionalism and commitment to deliver projects is their priority. We have noticed that the quality of services is distinguishable and was exactly what we expected from a company like SoftwareOne. We are really happy to work with them.

Erick Cárdenas
IT Administrator, KOT Insurance

About the client 

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, KOT Insurance Company AG conducts reinsurance activities for its parent company, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company.

The challenge

KOT Insurance had hosted its SAP systems in a local data center, with SoftwareOne delivering managed services for its SAP landscape. Ensuring the highest security protections for its business information was always a top priority. So, when vulnerability concerns related to its overall IT infrastructure surfaced, the insurer accelerated its plans for infrastructure improvements.

KOT’s enhancement objectives included implementing a more cost-efficient solution with greater flexibility and advanced system security. The company chose SoftwareOne, a trusted partner and leader in SAP cloud migrations, to help make the change.

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The solution

SoftwareOne demonstrated Microsoft Azure as the most suitable cloud option for KOT Insurance. The company’s SAP landscape in Azure would gain a robust Disaster Recovery solution suited to a highly regulated industry with strict security requirements. Azure’s inherently high level of security, together with the increased system’s flexibility, were deciding factors moving forward with the project.

Utilizing its proven SAP on Azure solution, SoftwareOne planned and executed a 'lift-and-shift' migration of the SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure. The rebuilt infrastructure also included a new network design. SoftwareOne created four separate subscriptions in Azure to control data exchange with just-in-time access using Network Security Groups (NSGs) to increase landscape security further. The complete migration was accomplished in less than a month.

The result

KOT Insurance is exceptionally pleased with the SAP on Azure solution delivered by SoftwareOne. The greater resilience and security provided by Microsoft Azure and accelerated response times of the support team have enabled the company to reduce the frequency of SAP technical issues. Additionally, KOT Insurance has improved security and recovery processes over the previous platform and hosting provider, thanks to the Disaster Recovery Plan implemented following completion of the SAP on Azure migration.

Continuing its transition, KOT Insurance plans to migrate additional internal applications to Microsoft Azure for the benefits of the platform’s flexibility and built-in security. The company sees Microsoft Azure as an ideal solution for reducing infrastructure costs while increasing security, flexibility, and accessibility – even for business-critical applications.


  • A Disaster Recovery Plan to improve security and recovery processes
  • Increased resilience and scalability of SAP environments
  • Fewer technical issues
  • Reduced operational and capital expenditures
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