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PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk reduces unplanned downtime events by over 65%

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Advanced SAP system monitoring delivers insights & uptime

When an American multinational was challenged to improve uptime in its complex SAP environment, SoftwareOne supported the company by implementing PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk. The initiative immediately reduced system downtime by 65%. Additional improvements have resulted in ongoing downtime reductions through the increased visibility of the system landscape key indicators that provide continuous monitoring of SAP applications and end-to-end business processes.

Multinational conglomerate
SoftwareOne PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk
United States

About the client 

The customer is an American multinational conglomerate with operations in different industries. As of 2019, the company had nearly 100,000 employees across more than 60 countries.

The challenge

Operating as a multinational conglomerate, this company has a complex SAP environment with siloed support organizations. It had encountered multiple IT outages and unplanned downtime caused by SAP application performance and database issues. The incidents caused difficult crisis response times with long mean times to detect and resolve problems.

The solution

SoftwareOne joined the company to begin a dedicated initiative to improve SAP system monitoring and reduce downtime. At the start of its PowerConnect journey in November 2017, the customer immediately reduced downtime incidents by 65%.

Continuing improvements have stabilized all production systems. In nearly real-time, PowerConnect sends data about SAP system activity to Splunk to help expedite remedial steps. This also facilitates security compliance and reduces priority one issues by 30% while accelerating issue resolution by 70% for mission-critical applications.

Benefits and outcomes

  • PowerConnect delivers real-time monitoring of 45 production systems and 150+ non-production systems
  • Monitoring includes not only SAP performance applications but also an end-to-end business process which would have been complex to achieve without PowerConnect and Splunk IT Service Intelligence
  • Unplanned downtime incidents have been significantly reduced through increased visibility of the system landscape and key operational indicators
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