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PowerConnect for SAP and Splunk

PowerConnect for Advanced SAP Landscape Monitoring

PowerConnect is an SAP and Splunk certified solution which offers out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities for SAP landscapes leveraging Splunk's big-data analysis and visualization capabilities. The monitoring capability allows customers to obtain real-time insights into SAP’s health and performance status with the goal of minimizing unplanned downtime events.

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Real-Time SAP Telemetry and Insights

Extract high-fidelity, real-time and historic SAP landscape telemetry data ready for analysis and visualization in Splunk, allowing for more efficient, effective, and holistic SAP landscape operations

Enhanced SAP Performance & Uptime

Advanced and big data algorithms allow for historic and real time analysis to enhance performance and up-time of SAP systems.

Risk Mitigation through Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning algorithms allow detection and prediction of anomalous user behavior and potential security issues across the SAP landscape

Visual Insights & Dashboards

The solution encompasses a rich set of pre-built panels and dashboards providing users visual insights into their SAP landscape in near real-time

From Reactive to Proactive SAP Monitoring

Reduction in Unplanned Downtime Events

Eliminate system outages that could cost your company millions

Reduce MTTR and RCA

Reduce costly MTTR and RCA of issues of issues across SAP systems and interfaces

Predict Imminent System Outages

Predict imminent system outages 30-40min before they occur

Reduce Incident Investigation Effort

Reduce manual monitoring efforts and convert to more value adding activities

Reduce P1/P2 Tickets

Reduce highest priority tickets that take the most War Room and support effort by 30%

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PowerConnect for SAP and Splunk

Business & IT Challenges

Single Platform for Monitoring

How can I efficiently and effectively monitor and visualize SAP and non-SAP systems performance and business transactions?

Big Data and Predictive Analysis

Which tools can I leverage to predict upcoming unplanned downtime through advanced analytics?

Plug & Play Implementation

How can I quickly implement and easily maintain an effective monitoring solution for my SAP platform needs?

End-2-End Business Data Flow

How can I visualize end-to-end business data flows across SAP and non-SAP systems to locate bottlenecks and associated issues?

Risk Mitigation

How can I learn from past anomalous user and security events and mitigate corporate risk and insider threats?

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What SoftwareONE Delivers

Visual Dashboards

+100 Splunk dashboards and SPL queries

Advanced time-machine dashboard allowing for before & after performance comparisons

Out-of-the-Box preconfigured SAP audit reports

Actionable Insights

Real-time data informing SAP operational team on security, performance, and business metrics

Detection of anomalous user and/or system usage

Advanced data correlation to identify root cause of failures

Integrated Solution

Extract rich SAP field values/ data sets

PowerConnect framework to flexibly collect data from custom development tables and other system enhancements

Open Technology

Supporting SAP ABAP, SAP NetWeaver JAVA, non-NetWeaver JAVA, and S/4HANA, and S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC), SAP Cloud Products

Supporting Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise

SAP Technology Services

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What Our Customers Say

Advanced SAP System Monitoring

A dedicated initiative started this customer’s PowerConnect journey in November 2017. After going live, the customer experienced an immediate 60% reduction in downtime incidents and smooth operations continuously since.

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