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Unprecedented SAP process insight powers profitability

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PowerConnect for SAP

Unlock the black box of your SAP systems with PowerConnect for SAP. PowerConnect uses SIEM tools' power AI and ML capabilities to detect patterns and send alerts about deviations from normal operations. Gain unprecedented observability of system performance and business processes with SIEM tools' long-term monitoring and robust correlation and machine-learning engines. Track 200+ SAP metrics and send feeds of granular telemetry for SIEM tools big-data analysis to generate more than 100 pre-delivered dashboards and analysis queries.

SoftwareOne PowerConnect for SAP solutions provides observability far beyond standard SAP tools. We make it easy to combine data from non-SAP systems with PowerConnect data to gain unprecedented visibility into your organisation's end-to-end business processes.

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PowerConnect and SIEM tools gives us greater insight into the internal operation of SAP both forensically and in real time. We can see live performance metrics and also a high level of granularity in historic detail spanning months or years on demand.

– Guy Rosvall, Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations Manager, PACT Group

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Connect SAP with the power of SIEM tools analysis

Deep insight into SAP telemetry

Make your operations more efficient with long-term trend analysis and anomaly detection. PowerConnect for SAP solutions extracts high-fidelity, real-time and historical telemetry data for processing within SIEM tools via 100+ pre-built analyses and visualisations.

Detect anomalies before they harm your business

Give your team advanced warning about emerging issues. PowerConnect for SAP solutions enables SIEM tools advanced big-data algorithms to detect anomalies in business process data, such as IDocs or XML messages from business partners.

Detect suspicious behaviour before it strikes

Advanced machine-learning algorithms detect and predict anomalous user behaviour and potential security breaches across the SAP landscape.

Pre-built dashboards deliver instant insights

PowerConnect for SAP includes a rich set of pre-built SIEM tools dashboards that provide insights within hours of installing our SAP-certified PowerConnect Add-On on your SAP environment and SAP Cloud solutions. Extend and combine the data gathered by PowerConnect with data from other systems to unlock end-to-end business process insights and correlations between SAP and non-SAP workloads.

PowerConnect for SAP is certified for RISE with SAP, HEC, public cloud, and on-premises deployments. You can unlock observability gains regardless of your SAP deployment model.

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Reduction in unplanned downtime events

Eliminate system outages that cost companies millions of dollars.

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Reduce MTTR and RCA times

Reduce costly mean time to repair (MTTR) and speed up root cause analysis (RCA) of issues across SAP systems and interfaces so you can identify and resolve issues faster.

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Predict imminent system outages

Predict unplanned system outages 30 to 40 minutes before they occur. Improve reliability with proactive interventions that prevent outages.

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Reduce incident investigation effort

Reduce manual monitoring that claims staff time, and convert the saved preventive effort to value-adding activities.

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Reduce P1/P2 ticket volumes

Reduce the frequency of highest-priority tickets to reduce War Room and support effort by up to 30%.

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We are ready to lend you a hand with SAP

Wherever you are in your SAP journey, SoftwareOne has solved many of the problems you may face. Tell us about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

We are ready to lend you a hand with SAP

Wherever you are in your SAP journey, SoftwareOne has solved many of the problems you may face. Tell us about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.