Lift & Shift SAP Critical Workloads into the Hyperscaler Cloud

SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud

Lift & Shift SAP Critical Workloads into the Hyperscaler Cloud

SAP on Hyperscaler Services allows SAP customers to safeguard their existing investments in their SAP. It enables customers to access and leverage cloud economics and increase IT agility and innovation on the futureproof Hyperscaler Cloud platform.

Why SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud?

Optimize Costs

Reduce infrastructure costs through Hyperscaler adoption and cloud economics. Avoid overprovisioning of physical on-premise hardware by leveraging the flexibility and OPEX consumption of the Hyperscaler infrastructure.

Increase IT Agility

Accelerate infrastructure deployments while gaining scalability and flexibility based on consumption requirements. Enables rapid Innovation Cycles.

Unlock Additional Value

Re-architect and optimize the technology platform for modern cloud consumption and technologies. Leverage SoftwareONE know-how, accelerators, experience, and solutions to focus on significantly reducing your workload migration cost, migration risk and ongoing support costs.

Business & IT Challenges

Availability of Data Centers Alternatives

How can SAP customers reduce the cost of their own Data Centers, move to an OPEX model, and leverage cloud economics?

Application and Data Security

How can I ensure security for my existing data and applications in the Hyperscaler Cloud?

IT Agility

How can IT cater to an increasing pace of business innovation? How can we accelerate and optimize the provisioning of new SAP instances?

Choosing the Right Hyperscaler

Which Hyperscaler is best suited for my SAP Landscape? Does it make a difference from an SAP perspective?

Finding the Right Partner

How can the I find a reliable and trusted advisor to support my SAP to Hyperscaler Cloud move?

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In our SAP Technology Services Practice we focus on lifting and shifting SAP applications onto the Hyperscaler's public cloud.

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What SoftwareONE Delivers


  • Architecture Design for SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud
  • Workload migration of SAP Landscape to Hyperscaler Cloud


  • Disaster recovery / high availability
  • Landscape consolidation
  • Cloud automation using infrastructure as code
  • SoftwareONE's experience to optimize workloads in the Hyperscaler

Managed Services

  • Best-in-Class maintenance of SAP workloads through superior SLAs and quality of service
  • Leverage SoftwareONE solutions and focused services to significantly reduce your implementation cost & risk, and ongoing support costs

Watch Our Customer On-Demand Webinars

Migrating SAP on AWS: How Visy Gained Agility & Accelerated Innovation

With a vision to drive more innovation, improve performance, while reducing costs, Visy decided to move to the cloud in 2017. This webinar will focus on the approach taken and the benefits realized since then.


How SoftwareONE Delivers

Pre-Migration Scanner

Ensures early identification of possible conflicts related to database and platform changes

PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk

PowerConnect provides insight through predictive analytics of the SAP IT & security operations, as well as business data in real-time. Click here to learn more.


Automation in the areas of migration, preparation, and deployment of SAP systems on the target Hyperscaler platform

SAP Technology Services

To learn more about our SAP Technology Services, click link below.


What Our Customers Say

Future-Proofing Infrastructure with SAP on Azure

Future-Proofing Infrastructure with SAP on Azure

A global retailer avoided substantial physical infrastructure replacement costs by moving to Azure. The cloud transition flexibly provides for current and future needs and an SAP S/4HANA Hyperscaler business transformation.

SAP Migrated to Azure for Reduced IT Spend and Accelerated Operations

SAP Migrated to Azure for Reduced IT Spend and Accelerated Operations

A large utility wanted to increase SAP agility while reducing data center and infrastructure expenses. SoftwareONE designed a migration for SAP Hyperscaler on Azure for better performance, greater security and lower cost.

Casestudy - SoftwareONE Improves IT Agility

Improved IT Agility with New SAP ECC Landscape on Azure

With our help a professional services company moved their SAP ECC landscape to Microsoft Azure's Public Cloud reaping significant benefits, including improving IT agility and reducing infrastructure running costs.

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