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Las personas, los procesos y la tecnología para ayudar a las organizaciones a diseñar, construir, automatizar y administrar sus iniciativas en la nube. La nube es enorme y no puedes administrarla por tu cuenta. La nube administrada de SoftwareONE te permite impulsar el cambio rápidamente, mientras te concentras en tu negocio.

  • Only 11% of C-suite executives – and just 1% of data center engineers – believe their data centers are updated ahead of current needs.

  • While having more data in place and needing more storage capacities, the trend towards hybrid IT is accelerating with the range of data locations for enterprises increasing.

  • Top features in the data center that will lead to competitive advantage include security (43%), the ability to implement new technologies (28%) and bandwidth (27%).

Tu camino hacia la nube con SoftwareONE

Servers and applications are moving to the cloud at a rapid pace, allowing organizations to cut back on the cost of running their own centralized computing networks and servers and improve the time to market with scalable and automated mechanisms.

SoftwareONE can help you to fully embrace the power and cost benefits of cloud computing, data backup and storage, and cost optimization to develop leading-edge products and services in your desired multi-cloud environment – be it Azure, AWS or an on-premises data center. Through our approach we:


La falta de recursos y habilidades internas puede hacer que mudarse a la nube parezca desalentador: aproveche los recursos de nube administrados de SoftwareONE para una transición sin problemas mientras se concentra en sus tareas diarias.


Automatice los procesos para garantizar una plataforma resistente y segura con la flexibilidad mejorada que proporciona la nube para avanzar hacia sus objetivos de transformación digital.


Le ayudamos a elegir, integrar e implementar la mejor tecnología de nube o multi-nube para su negocio que le permita concentrarse en sus resultados estratégicos en lugar de administrar herramientas dispares.

Provide an end-to-end and easy-to-use backup system where you always stay in control of your data.

Add a full range of services helping you to monitor and manage your multi-cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

SoftwareONE Customers Find Success in the Cloud

Marcos Adam

“We have chosen Microsoft and SoftwareONE because we saw high value in the complete package they offered to us – we gained access to Microsoft productivity and security features along with SoftwareONE services. Today, Rodobens has a more efficient, secure, and agile IT infrastructure.”

CIO, Rodobens

Geoff Pollock

“I didn’t want to start buying new hardware. I wanted to get out of the data center business and move to the cloud. Expense reduction was one motivation, but so was gaining flexibility, increasing high availability, and improving business security.”

Information System Manager, La Mesa RV

Andy Voorhies

“Our objective with managing the cloud environment was to use a partner, a professional resource capable of providing expertise and visibility. Turning to SoftwareONE was a natural progression. We already had a trusted relationship and were very confident they could do much more in cloud support than we could do ourselves with current constraints.”

IT Manager, Northwest Kidney Centers

Su viaje en la nube con servicios administrados en la nube

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SoftwareONE’s Managed Cloud Offerings

Leverage the Power of Azure with AzureSimple

Simplify Your Cloud Transformation with Improved Availability, Cost Control and Dedicated Support.

Leverage the Power of  Azure with Unified Support for Azure

Leverage the Power of Azure with Unified Support for Azure

Develop your Azure strategy and benefit from an Azure environment that is optimized for your business needs.*

*Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE) licensing only


Accelerate Adoption & Realize the True Benefits of AWS

Find the answers to the business challenges you face and develop, plan, and implement your AWS strategy.

Eliminate the Operational Burden for Your Compute Services

Eliminate the Operational Burden for Your Compute Services

Design, build, automate and manage your cloud initiatives from end to end while you concentrate on your customers and your business.


Gain Complete Control of Your Backup & Recovery Environment

Plan for a comprehensive and streamlined data recovery – centralizing all of your backup needs providing a single secure, scalable and resilient platform which you own.


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