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SAP y la experiencia en la nube que gana la carrera

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SAP Optimisation & Management Services

Running sophisticated SAP systems takes skilled, talented people — even before addressing the security, performance, and cost of complex, ever-evolving hyperscaler technologies. The urgent need to migrate from ECC to S/4HANA makes this resource crunch even more acute. SAP applications in the public cloud require specific tools and best practices developed in real-world settings over many projects. Our experience and focus on the public cloud will help you make architectural choices from Day One.

SoftwareOne SAP Optimisation & Management Services provide the team and expertise to deploy, manage, automate, and monitor SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, and other SAP workloads in the public cloud. Our 400+ SAP- and public cloud provider-certified specialists deliver pragmatic, robust, cost-effective SAP migrations and operations for your mission-critical SAP workloads.

We give your team the time for innovation

An average SAP system adds at least 500 hours of work annually for an IT team, not counting the cross-team collaboration required to integrate it with your IT landscape and become a successful intelligent enterprise. And you cannot be average. You need to be the best in your industry.

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After your SAP cloud infrastructure is up and running, our managed services teams keep them running optimally with 24/7 care and advice.

  • We oversee daily SAP operations to relieve your IT department of the burden of manual processes
  • We ensure business-critical SAP systems run smoothly at all times, executing core business processes and providing reporting in compliance with local and global regulatory requirements and framework agreements
  • We monitor and manage hybrid and multicloud SAP environments, optimising your landscape to deliver highly cost-effective, performant, and robust systems.
  • Our remote management supports SAP systems around the clock, proactively detecting and resolving operational issues. Your team is alerted about any material changes in system performance or availability that could impact business operations.
  • We leverage automation to execute tasks such as system refreshes and kernel upgrades with maximum predictability and minimum business disruption.

We keep SAP running so you can innovate

SoftwareOne SAP Managed Services relieve your team of daily SAP operations and challenges. We keep your SAP system humming, ready to respond to any emergent issue, and provide ongoing advice about optimising processes, workloads, and applications.

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Ajustamos SAP para obtener un rendimiento de primera clase

PowerConnect proporciona telemetría sobre el estado de un sistema SAP y sus procesos empresariales en ejecución al motor de análisis de Splunk. Sus algoritmos de aprendizaje automático y predicción pueden reducir los problemas P1 en los sistemas críticos en una media del 30 %, y el potente motor de alertas y correlación reduce MTTR hasta en un 70 %.

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Meet the pioneers of SAP on the cloud

  • Más de 600

    proyectos de SAP de clientes entregados en todo el mundo desde 2010

  • Más de 80

    proyectos de conversión de SAP S/4HANA realizados

  • 100%

    Índice de satisfacción del cliente (y la mayoría permanece con nosotros durante muchos años)

  • Más de 400

    consultores de entrega certificados de SAP e hiperescala

  • 30

    Países en los que prestamos servicios prácticos de SAP

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Estamos preparados para apoyar tu proyecto en SAP

Permítenos ayudarte, nuestro equipo de expertos en SAP se encuentran preparados para apoyarte en tu proceso de transformación y migración.

Estamos preparados para apoyar tu proyecto en SAP

Permítenos ayudarte, nuestro equipo de expertos en SAP se encuentran preparados para apoyarte en tu proceso de transformación y migración.