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IBM Advisory Services

Enjoy Insight, Clarity and Cost Reductions

IBM Advisory Services

Confusion around all the IBM licensing combinations can end up being very costly. We provide expert guidance on optimizing your infrastructure, uncovering how each product is being used and offering clarity around licensing metrics to show cost reductions. We have a large portfolio of advisory services ready to work for you.

“I believe without the solid explanation, clarification and remediation activities that we have done with your support and expertise, we may not have been able to reach such as amicable settlement. Thanks to you and your team for the assistance rendered throughout this challenging period.”

Head of Service Integration and IT

IBM Full Software Lifecycle Management

Optimize, Manage, And Maintain Your Most Critical Assets

With our managed services we help customers in nearly 90 countries to deal with ever changing policies, terms and conditions, prices and rebates from IBM. We help with the software lifecycle end-to-end, from negotiation, transactions, audit readiness, renewals to retirement.

Preparation and Planning

Strategize the project scope and establish milestones.

Inventory and Organization

Solution deployment to gather software portfolio inventory.

Data Analytics

Risk Analysis

Determine publisher priority and create mitigation plan.


Comprehensive and detailed process design for your environment.


Implementation of managed service and training of internal staff.

Continuous Improvement

Dedicated SAM consultant to ensure continuous process adoption and improvement.

“I’d like to add my thanks. The SoftwareONE team were an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope we can continue the partnership into the future.”

Chief IT Officer – Australia’s leading digital marketing & advertising public company

IBM Compliance Assessment

SoftwareONE's IBM Compliance Assessment is a comprehensive service designed to save you from all pitfalls related to IBM License Compliance. It gives you total confidence your enterprise wide IBM software portfolio will comply with the IBM licensing rules.


  • Optimize licenses and reduce financial risk and business inefficiencies

  • Accurately and cost-effectively manage IBM licenses

  • Enjoy an end-to-end service, ensuring your IBM software portfolio is ready for an audit

  • Use of PPA Forensics to perform a review of the PPA contractual obligations and entitlements

IBM Audit Support & Negotiations

Specialist Expertise When You Need It Most

As your dedicated IBM software partner, we’ll support you throughout any audit process or contract negotiations to ensure you receive the best results possible. With decades of experience, our specialists know exactly what to expect and how to deal with any challenge.

Support That Has Saved Our Clients Millions

Customer Size SWO services Initial IBM Audit Financial Exposure Final IBM Audit Settled Amount (Cost Savings) % of Savings * 
Telco ~8000 desktops,
~1700 servers
> ILMT Implementation & Optimization
> IBM Compliance Assessment
> IBM Audit Support & Negotiation before audit starts
 ~ MYR 77.4 million  ~ MYR 2.54 million 97%
Global Logistics > 100 IBM products in scope of audit
> 1600 servers globally40+ offices worldwide
> ILMT Upgrade & Optimization
> IBM Compliance Assessment
> IBM Audit Support & Negotiation before audit starts
USD 92 million  USD 142,000 99%
Retail Chain > 1100 servers > IBM Audit Negotiation after audit completed AUD 2.8 million AUD 1.75 million 38%

“The way that we are viewing it internally is that we’ve turned $2.4m worth of fines into $700k and $500k worth of licensing for FY19. Given we had already planned to spend a similar amount in licensing in FY19, this was a positive outcome. Thanks again for all of your hard work over the past few months.”

Manager – Strategy, Architecture & PMO

Further Advisory Services

IBM Contracts Support and Optimization

Our consultants provide a comprehensive evaluation of alternative licensing scenarios, design the most beneficial contract agreements (i.e. ESSO, SSSO, IULA) and provide guidance and support during the entire contract negotiation.

IBM License Metric Tool Services

IBM makes it mandatory for its customers to install the IBM License Metric Tool (“ILMT”) in order to qualify for sub-capacity (virtualization) pricing. Our experts will help you understand the sub-capacity contractual obligations and risk, and make sure you benefit from an accurately installed and well maintained License Metric Tool.

IBM Advisory Subscription

Take advantage of regular sessions from SoftwareONE consultants, tailored to your needs. They can include product and license alternatives, software support lifecycle predictions and concerns, or any other valuable advice depending on your priorities.

IBM Software and License Management

Managing IBM licenses is very complex, especially when it is deployed over many devices. Our experts will enable you to track, manage and standardize all software purchasing and management decisions.

Industry leading IBM advice and support

Our specialists’ proven expertise is ready to work for you. Get the answers you need.


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