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Closing monitoring gaps with PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk

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Advanced SAP system monitoring on Azure

An Energy company faced issues with providing correct monitoring of real-time energy usage to its customers by using an Azure web portal. Data synchronization wasn’t functioning properly between on-premises SAP and the Azure front end. To stabilize data quality, SoftwareOne implemented PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk, enabling advanced SAP landscape monitoring, and allowing thousands of documents to be monitored in real-time to immediately reveal any synchronization errors.

Energy company
SoftwareOne PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk

About the client 

This public company builds and operates power generation and energy infrastructure, including development and operation of natural gas storage facilities, and the exploration, extraction, production, and sale of natural gas.

The challenge

The energy producer and retailer was experiencing performance issues with its ERP landscape that supports its customer-facing web portal. The portal allows customers to monitor their real-time energy usage. However, SAP data via Intermediate Documents (IDOCs) was having difficulty keeping the data synchronized between on-premises SAP and the Azure web front end. Because IDOCS were not being properly synchronized, data quality on the web portal was compromised.

The solution

SoftwareONE implemented SoftwareONE PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk to allow the energy company to monitor IDOC information as it was processed and arrived in Azure. By comparing the IDOC data quantities and details the company could easily identify data that was not processed successfully and hadn’t arrived in the Azure web pool. The company is now able to monitor thousands of IDOCs in real-time and produce alerts immediately when they are not processed successfully.

Benefits and outcome

  • Advanced SAP system monitoring tracks thousands of IDOCs in real-time and produces alerts when they are not processed successfully
  • The advanced SAP system monitoring solution now enables the energy company to provide its customers with optimized monitoring of their real-time energy usage
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