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Combining Digitized Procurement & Software Asset Management for Enhanced Business Value

Put SoftwareONE’s Software Lifecycle Management Expertise to Work for You

With the increasing adoption of cloud services, Procurement and IT Asset Managers must adapt to eliminate wasteful consumption while minimizing non-compliance across multiple technology environments. At SoftwareONE, our Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) practice works with you to provide the people, process and tools to manage, optimize and create business advantage throughout your hybrid world. Our team is comprised of experts who understand the complexities of licensing and can help you solve your toughest challenges, no matter how small or large the publisher. We complement your team, bringing in more resources and expertise to help you easily manage your entire software estate.

Software Lifecycle Management is Strategic to Your Business

In the past Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) was thought of as a nice to have or something you quickly cobbled together if hit with an audit. Today, organizations have realized that having a proactive SLM engagement that combines the best in people, process and technology provides a level of actionable information to a company that allows them to drive change, save money and keep their software estate protected. Today’s blurred lines of on-premises and cloud, lack of visibility into who owns what and which employees are using what software bloats budgets and leaves companies vulnerable to audit and data insecurities. SLM can stop all of that, allowing your in-house teams to focus on more strategic priorities.

Key SLM Partnerships

We are tool agnostic with global focus and global purchasing power.

SLMAdvanced Benefits

Optimized Costs

Understand your software, maintenance and cloud costs – pay only for what you use

Decreased Operational Effort

SoftwareONE is here to ensure your audits pass smoothly and software & cloud lifecycles are automated

Reduced Risk

Review security policies, manage non-compliance risk and gain insight into end of support software and /or Shadow IT

What is Shadow IT

Shadow IT happens when users install systems and applications within organizations without explicit approval from the IT department. Through our security, SLM and managed cloud services we can help you address your Shadow IT concerns.

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Your SLM Deep-Dive

Software Publisher Advisor

SLM Professional Services

Le paysage technologique d'aujourd'hui est en constante évolution et suivre les différents éditeurs, ce qu'ils proposent et quelle technologie est la mieux adaptée à votre organisation, se complique rapidement.

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The Diagnostic Platform

A 360-degree view of your software estate from initial data analysis to compliance processes.


SAM Business Case

This guide will show you how to build up a business case for Software Asset Management

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