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Bringing You The Highest Value for Your Microsoft Workloads On AWS

Run Microsoft on AWS

In today’s constantly changing technology landscape the software you’ve purchased needs to work seamlessly no matter the platform. To reap the benefits of the cloud – including increased flexibility, productivity, scalability and lower overall IT costs – learn how SoftwareONE optimizes your Microsoft applications on AWS by combining two technology powerhouses for your best cloud experience yet.

SoftwareONE’s Cloud Journey – Bringing You the Highest Value for your Microsoft Workloads on AWS

AWS has been innovating workload solutions for the last 10 years, and it is the best Cloud platform for running Windows-based applications today and in the future. SoftwareONE’s AWS Engineering team delivers services that are designed to cover all of your bases when considering running critical Microsoft workloads in the Cloud.

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Customer Success

Define customer success through customized user stories mapped out by role and ensure optimal governance, security and cost structures.

Lower Cost

Maximize migration funding, reduce costs via Microsoft EA optimization and SoftwareONE AWS billing credits.


Achieve Enterprise compliance, build a Disaster Recovery framework and execute Windows Server automation..

Proactive Incident Management

Reduce the number of incidents and their potential for security risk by creating event-based monitoring.

SoftwareONE Cloud Migration

AWS Billing Optimization | Microsoft EA Optimization | Vendor Migration Funding

Discover License Utilization

RI Utilization Plan

Best Practice Migration

Develop Cost Savings Plan

Tag Based Cost Monitoring

20-40% Savings

Automate License Mobility

Automate Cost Control

Automated Migration Tooling

Expert License Support

Billing Support

Migration Support

SoftwareONE’s AWS Service Approach

AWS offers an optimal cloud solution for Windows and provides a platform for running Windows-based applications today and in the future. Our services are designed to help you rethink your approach to technology investments while reducing complexity and costs with a move to the cloud. We take a three phased approach to advisory, delivery and managing your Windows-based applications on AWS.

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