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SLM Diagnostic

Understand, plan and improve maturity within Software Lifecycle Management

Understand, plan and improve maturity within Software Lifecycle Management

Software spend is one of the largest investments any organization has – aside from its people. Yet spend is not being managed in relation to how the business uses the software as more organizations move to the cloud. Having a comprehensive diagnostic tool that provides visibility into your maturity and compliance position is key to managing costs, improving ROI and reaching your financial goals.

Our SLM Diagnostic service can help guide you – from initial data analysis, to compliance processes, through to full consulting and managed services – based on your specific IT Asset Management (ITAM) needs.

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Common Challenges

Some of the most common challenges our customers experience include:


Without a comprehensive diagnostic tool backed by leading professionals it‘s difficult to get a sense of your overall ITAM estate – from on-premises to the cloud to various SAM suppliers, tools and partners


Comprehensive diagnostics need a combination of people, process and tools – with people being a key factor. Many organizations do not have the internal IT staff to support such a program

Maintenance Costs

Ongoing maintenance is key to success, and performing a diagnostic assessment 2-4 times per year can be cost prohibitive without the right system in place

Automating the Review of Your Software Estate

At SoftwareONE, we use the term Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) to describe the combination of procurement and software asset management (SAM). Properly-managed SLM can maximize the value of your software and cloud portfolios. Having access to a fully-automated, real-time assessment is invaluable when trying to manage your entire software estate. Having that assessment brings a myriad of benefits to your organization.

SoftwareONE’s SLM Diagnostic (our proprietary digital supply chain tool that allows organizations to benchmark, collaborate and track their progress across the software estate based on over 10,000 consulting hours) provides a visual dashboard of maturity, industry standards, project tracking and real-time recommendations to ensure your software estate is ready for your business needs today and into the future.

SLM Diagnostic Service

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Best Practice SLM Industry Assessment

All parts of the organization that touch software are included in the assessment.

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Multiple Assessments and Improvement Tracking

Compare assessment results with graphical representations for the key process areas to see how your SLM implementation is progressing. Evaluate your SLM infrastructure against the principles of industry standards, best-practice frameworks and our long-standing knowledge of the SLM industry.

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Radar View

Get a radar view of your SLM optimization efforts, including graphical reporting with clear visual data. This allows SLM Managers to demonstrate their results to management teams in a succinct and practical manner.

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Starburst Linked to Actions

Focus on underperforming areas of software management, which are critical to the success of a SLM program.

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Detailed Recommendations with Scheduled Timescales

Create a timeline of activities and assign resources to complete them to for an effective SLM system.

Value of SLM Diagnostic

Every organization desires clear visibility across its entire software estate and SLM Diagnostic provides that and more: increased business productivity & efficiency, cost optimization and reduced risk.

Providing a real-time SLM assessment to the organization and top stakeholders can bring your business goals to reality faster. Once the initial assessment is complete the process becomes automated over time.

ROI and Tool Evaluation Benefits

ROI Evaluation

Have you struggled to build a solid business case to fund your SLM initiatives and projects? Our ROI evalution provides:

  • Detailed and documented industry benchmarks that is validated against your maturity assessment
  • Review of vendor optimization, unused software and financial goals
  • Align a comprehensive ROI assessment including NPV, cost of capital, etc to determine the long-term SLM strategy

Tool Evaluation

The people and process around SLM are key but you also need to ensure you have the right tool in place for your organization:

  • As an independent consultant we can assess the industry’s leading tools based on your maturity needs and not on industry trends
  • Comprehensive Requirements & Functionality review coupled with an existing vs new tool evaluation so as not to waste prior tool purchases
  • Customer is provided a tool evaluation report and if needed a demonstration of the chosen tool for a proof of concept

Benefits of SLM Diagnostic


Review and tracking of progress done automatically


Current state review of software assets – no longer reactively addressing issues

Elevating SAM to C-Level

A comprehensive diagnostic tool the C-Suite can leverage


Real-time dashboards keep the IT and C-Level apprised of areas that need to be addressed in the near and long-term

Proactive Audit Defense

Holistic diagnostics of the software estate bring a new level of audit protection to the organization

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