SoftwareONE and Flexera – Better Together


SoftwareONE and Flexera – Better Together

Software Visibility & Insight – enabled by SLM

SoftwareONE expertise and Flexera technology have combined to help hundreds of customers successfully implement effective Software Lifecycle Management (SLM). Across industries, and around the globe, SoftwareONE certified Flexera consultants have demonstrated their depth in delivering complex technical and operational solutions that strategically advance businesses for competitive advantage.

Kevin Hooton

“Flexera is the engine and SoftwareONE brings the fuel. We’ve built a remarkable delivery team that delivers the results our customers expect. We are very proud of our global team who go the extra mile every day.”

SoftwareONE’s North American SLM Practice Director

License Optimiza­tion

SoftwareONE shows customers how to manage and optimize the most complex multi-vendor software licensing challenges, and achieve rapid results through using effective SLM processes and methods. That means clients can negotiate more favorable vendor contracts equipped with an understanding of specific software usage and needs.

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Reduced Expense

With deep expertise in Flexera technology, SoftwareONE can quickly help clients to benefit from SLM scaled for the enterprise. Through careful analysis and implementation, clients can monetize effectively, see how to reduce the software footprint, and use better license management to remove redundant, unused, and End-of-Life software, save time, and reduce expenses.

Reduced Risk  

Together, SoftwareONE and Flexera help clients manage vendor relationships and contracts for greater efficiency and lower risk. Enterprise software is controlled, protected, and optimized regardless of location, on-premises to the cloud. We help resolve SaaS management and security blind spots to mitigate security risks, including the risk and cost of software license audits.

SoftwareONE has been named the Flexera North American Partner of the Year!

For the sixth consecutive year, SoftwareONE is Partner of the Year because we collaborate with Flexera to offer industry-leading solutions for our customers, and provide them the complete visibility and control that results in cost savings, risk reduction, audit and penalty avoidance and greater control and visibility to their software estate.

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