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Visibility and Control of your Cloud Spend

This whitepaper looks at how setting in place an effective cloud budget and spend management methodology involving people, processes and technology can help your organization realize the full business requirements of the cloud.

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Software Budget Spend Infographic

Managing Budget and Spend in a Multi-Cloud Environment

We have summarized the key challenges around governing, managing and optimizing cloud budget and spend into a handy infographic. The infographic highlights key facts from industry surveys around cloud spend and summarises 6 steps that you…

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Flyer: PyraCloud

Software is typically the largest investment a company makes, besides its people. But few businesses have the tools to ensure that its software estate is continuously cost-optimized and aligned with business objectives. PyraCloud solves this…

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Flyer: PyraCloud Features

PyraCloud provides a range of features to help you digitize your software supply chain, manage contracts and track, control and predict your cloud spend across multiple cloud providers.

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Flyer: PyraCloud Cloud Spend Management

A holistic approach to govern cloud spend will help organizations gain visibility and control of their cloud costs. It provides a clear understanding of the total cloud spend and lets organizations analyze the spend.

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Lo que dicen nuestros expertos y nuestros clientes

  • 05 noviembre 2021
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • FinOps, PyraCloud

Optimiza los costos en la nube

Disminuye el gasto de tus sistemas en la nube

FinOps, el modelo operativo para la nube
  • 09 agosto 2021
  • Blog Editorial Team
  • FinOps, PyraCloud
  • Software, Cyber Security

Disminuye los costos en la nube

Optimiza la inversión de tus sistemas en la nube

Mejora tu retorno financiero y productivo de O365 con estos tips | SoftwareONE Blog
  • 12 julio 2021
  • PyraCloud
  • Office, PyraCloud

Tips para obtener retorno financiero y productivo de Office 365

La gestión de gastos de PyraCloud te permite obtener retorno financiero y productivo de Office 365, a través del módulo 365 Analytics.

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Rodobens Drives Digital Innovation Strategy

Digital Innovation for Competitive Position

Enhanced IT agility and Azure Cloud efficiencies help Rodobens maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. The Office 365 and managed cloud transition has increased critical business agility to deliver new financial products.

Advanced Financial Services with PyraCloud and SAMSimple

Outsourcing Software Lifecycle Management to Increase Core Business Focus

Consolidation of software governance, and licenses with PyraCloud and SAMSimple, enabled a leading financial firm to increase IT advantages, while effectively providing superior products and services to its customers.


Dreßler Bau Gains Control of its Office 365 Spend and Usage with PyraCloud

Dreßler Bau needed to control and manage its Office 365 cloud resources in an easier and more cost-efficient way. Via PyraCloud, the company is provided clear data on the use of its cloud resources.


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