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¿Negociaciones de Oracle o auditoría pendiente? Nosotros nos encargamos de todo

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Oracle Advisory Services

Oracle licensing is complex and constantly evolving. Understanding the implications of new Oracle developments and changes to licensing terms is an ongoing challenge. Licensing costs increase year-on-year, so you have to monitor your teams' use of functionality and licences to refine your spending and maximise ROI. Besides this complexity, you might be considering a move to the cloud – do you know the benefits and potential pitfalls of such a move? Expert insight is essential to Oracle licensing success.

SoftwareONE Oracle Advisory Services provide insight into cost savings opportunities and help you understand your Oracle contracts' financial, operational, or legal risks. Our specialists prepare you for audits and provide fact-based inputs to your organisation's IT strategy and roadmap.

Expert knowledge is key in Oracle contract negotiations

We support you during Oracle negotiations to achieve the best possible outcome. SoftwareOne Oracle specialists analyse your agreements to determine your current usage rights. We use our contractual terms and conditions database and knowledge of your current and future needs to propose the most suitable changes for you.

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Organisations often struggle to assess and optimise existing Oracle investments by mapping business needs to new technology spend. Our Oracle specialists bring decades of proven expertise to ensure your legacy Oracle investments support future goals. We help you realise a minimum total cost of ownership (TCO), taking measures to reduce unnecessary expenses and eliminate the risk of noncompliance during an audit.

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    Contract analysis

    We perform a detailed analysis of your Oracle entitlements and agreements to identify what you are and are not entitled to use.

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    Optimise Oracle

    We review your current estate and identify cost savings that can be achieved through right-sizing and configuration changes.

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    Soporte de auditoría

    Ayudamos a mitigar los riesgos de auditoría identificados y administramos la auditoría de manera que usted, en lugar del auditor, saque ventaja.

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    Hoja de ruta

    Identificamos los problemas de concesión de licencias relacionados con los requisitos futuros y abordamos los posibles problemas para evitar costos innecesarios.

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Ponte en contacto con nosotros 

Compártenos tu datos y una breve descripción de los retos de tu compañía y nos pondremos en contacto contigo.