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Best Practices from Roland Berger

How to Improve Your Cloud Collaboration

Best Practices from Roland Berger: How to Improve Your Cloud Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

  • 25 一月 2022

The new way of work is not about to come, it’s already here to stay. Where virtual work was controversially discussed in the past, it has now become the new status quo in our daily working life. Being able to work from anywhere and any device has opened up the world to greater flexibility, higher productivity and a healthy work-life balance. According to IWG research, more than two-thirds of professionals around the world telecommute at least one day a week, with 53 percent working remotely at least half of the week. Remote work allows companies to compete in an increasingly globalized society, so the real challenge becomes adapting to the new workplace.

Choose the Best Tools to Meet Your Needs

Microsoft recently noted that the growth of Microsoft Teams reached 20 million active daily users – beating other competitors like Slack once again. Since its first introduction in 2017, Microsoft Teams has become one of the most favored cloud-based applications for modern teamwork and communication. However, with many companies moving to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, there are still challenges for other organizations to find their best-fit collaboration and communication solution.

Technology is what makes virtual teams and seamless collaboration possible – organizations and people naturally gravitate to the tools that make the day to day job easier. There are plenty of vendors out there promoting their smart solutions for better communications, online meetings, real-time collaboration, file sharing and document management. So, how do you find your solution and once discovered how can you make sure to really implement all components successfully? This is where an experienced service provider can be of great help supporting you not only to find the solution to meet all of the needs of all your different user groups, but also guiding you through the implementation and technical functionalities.

Microsoft Teams: The Turbo Boost for Modern Teamwork at Roland Berger

When Roland Berger, a leading global management consulting firm, started rethinking its workplace strategy it had a base of SharePoint 2013 on-premises for the primary collaboration platform to circulate and edit documents. However, with offices at major business destinations worldwide the company was in need of a versatile document and communications collaboration platform that is securely accessible from a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. The new platform needed to enable document sharing with external partners and provide capabilities to edit documents in real-time, while also providing for a chat function for direct communication, and guaranteed secure client access, even from outside the company network.

With the help of our consulting experts Roland Berger soon identified Microsoft Teams as its ideal user productivity solution. Through the whole process of planning, defining, and implementing, SoftwareONE was the trusted advisor for Roland Berger supporting with the best-fit configuration of Teams to meet all of the relevant communication and collaboration needs.

Now, Roland Berger can easily share and edit documents while smoothly collaborating and communicating internally and externally with partners:

  • Documents & information can be shared and edited quickly & easily
  • Smooth collaboration with external partners
  • Functions such as chat or presence information are integrated within a single tool; only one client application is needed
  • Mobile access by tablet & smartphone is simple, even from outside the company network
  • Decreased workload on the internal IT department, as well as savings in hardware resources at the proprietary data center
  • Rollout of Microsoft Teams lays the foundation for additional Microsoft 365 services within the company,

Plan Your Journey to a Secure and Modern Workplace

While not every tool is the best-fit for your organization you need to make sure to understand your user groups and business objectives from the beginning. The successful integration of a new collaboration solution does not stop with the implementation. Make sure to include your users from the start and provide a proper training and adoption process.

Unlock Your Future Workplace

Are you still looking for a communication and collaboration platform to make your workplace a secure future workplace?

Then get in touch and learn more about our Teams Starter Kit
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