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Security for Azure

Stay Ahead of Security Threats and Compliance Requirements with Security for Azure

Managed Security for Azure

We know that the impacts of data breaches can be personally impactful. To stay ahead of security threats will require a strong, but flexible, plan. It`s crucial to identify which assets are most critical to your organization and evaluate the security and compliance gaps, so you can create a course of action for prevention and remediation. SoftwareONE as your trusted advisor can easily help you to stop malicious activities, and improve security effectiveness for your mission critical Azure workloads.

Stop Malicious Activities and Improve Security Effectiveness in Your IT Environment

SoftwareONE’s managed security service enables you to stop malicious activities, and improve security effectiveness for your mission critical Azure workloads. Our security experts are there to plan, configure, implement and support the Trend Micro Deep Security solution within your Azure environment.

By protecting your environment, we help you to reduce your risk by decreasing the surface attack area that can be exploited. Following our next step – detect – you will need clear, focused and concise reporting to help. Our reporting dashboard helps you to provide transparency to enable intelligent decision-making. And last, by enabling a rapid and intelligent response to security issues we help to improve the availability of critical business systems.

Malware Prevention – detect and stop malware

System Security – lock down servers, report on log info

Network Security – defend the network, assess workload vulnerabilities and reduce server attacks

Industry leading security technology – proven to reduce exploitation from zero-day cyber attacks

Secure Your Azure Environment and Choose out of Three Different Flavors

Based on your challenges we have developed our Managed Security for Azure Service to provide you with the best possible options to protect your virtual servers on Azure. Depending on your needs and business requirements, you can select from various bundles that come in three different flavors: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

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Malware protection that not only scans for known malware, but also can detect unknown threats using machine learning that can recognize suspicious activity.

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Everything in Silver, but also adds protection for network traffic and virtual patching for vulnerable servers.

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Everything from Gold and Silver, but adds in protection for your VM configuration and applications. It will lock down your VM configuration and prevent unauthorized changes to system files or the registry and prevents unwanted applications from being installed.

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Know your risks, protect your assets & stay ahead of security threats and compliance requirements.

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Rely on our Cyber Security Operations Center

Overall, our Cyber Security Operations Center (C-SOC) continuously monitors and alerts your environment enabling your security team to proactively respond to threats and security incidents.

Let us do the heavy lifting

  • Zero touch management and solution deployment

  • 24x7 proactive security support and continuous monitoring of baseline Azure environment

  • Manage feature updates and version upgrades

  • Compliance effectiveness for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FedRamp, NIST and other key regulations

  • Bi-monthly reporting with insights for improving security posture

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