SoftwareONE‘s Exclusive SAP S/4HANA Pilot Program

Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA

SoftwareONE’s SAP S/4HANA Pilot Program

Do you want to move either part of or your entire  SAP ECC Landscape to the Hyperscaler Cloud? Are you ready to upgrade to S/4HANA while moving to the Cloud? Have you explored engaging  a managed cloud service for your SAP Technology platform? Are you struggling to estimate the real impact of antiquated technology for your most critical information technology asset? This is where SoftwareONE’s  SAP S/4HANA Pilot Program comes in.

80% of Customers will no longer use traditional Data Centers by 20251

68% of Cloud Services today are delivered by Hyperscalers1

72% of SAP Customers are planning to deploy S/4HANA in the Cloud2

1 Gartner “The Data Center is Dead”, July 2018 | 2 IDC Survey, April 2019


The SoftwareONE S/4HANA Pilot Program is primarily for SAP ECC customers who want to convert to S/4HANA on Hyperscaler, leveraging either Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Gain Clarity on the Impacts of Moving Your SAP ECC to S/4HANA to the Hyperscaler Cloud

SoftwareONE’s SAP S/4HANA Pilot Program provides a real-world understanding of how the ECC application can be converted and how it would behave in the new S/4HANA application and Hyperscaler environment. The  S/4HANA Pilot Program provides answers to mission critical questions, including:

  • What implementation/ migration approach is best suited for my organization?
  • What parts of my SAP ECC system will be most impacted and to what degree?
  • What impact will a move to S/4HANA make on my critical master data, reports, configuration, workflows, and transaction data?
  • How will my customizations be impacted by a shift to S/4HANA?
  • How will my peripheral SAP system applications and integration points be impacted?
  • What training and change management will my organization need when moving to S/4HANA?
  • What is the level of security measures and what level is available in the Hyperscaler Cloud?
  • How will the user interface be impacted in regards to my processes, data, and overall system?
  • To what level can I optimize my infrastructure costs when moving to Hyperscaler?

SAP Technology Services

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The Concept of SoftwareONE’s SAP S/4HANA Pilot Program

SoftwareONE’s applied approach to migration of SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA on Hyperscaler Cloud is based on best practices resulting in successful deployments. Our customer engagements have provided us with instrumental experience and insights to the challenges and limitations. These insights have influenced the path to the formulation of SoftwareONE’s SAP S/4HANA Pilot Program.

The Concept of SoftwareONE’s SAP S/4HANA Pilot Program

This innovative program is designed to address current challenges SAP customers face with their migration plans to S/4HANA while deciding when and to what extent to leverage the technology potential of Hyperscaler infrastructure providers and in particular the associated cloud economics benefits.

Customers who take advantage of the S/4HANA Pilot Program gain invaluable insight and experience with the S/4HANA application, platform technology, as well as with Hyperscaler providers. The knowledge attained throughout the process allows for advanced decision making and influences the overall strategy and roadmap when moving to S/4HANA.

Our customers appreciate the S/4HANA Pilot Program because it provides awareness and understanding on how their existing SAP ECC system would be impacted prior to embarking on an end-to-end S/4HANA migration on Hyperscaler. It gives the decision making criteria needed for a customer’s  roadmap on the journey to S/4HANA; and for some it even showcases whether a move to S/4HANA is necessary at all.

Why Organizations Need Hyperscaler on their Radar Today

Did you know most SAP customers plan to deploy S/4HANA in the Hyperscaler Cloud? Gartner identified a reduction in corporate data centers years ago and this trend has only accelerated. IDC estimates that a bulk of SAP ECC users have already decided to move to S/4HANA, while leveraging the infrastructure opportunity presented by the Hyperscalers.

Download the S/4HANA Pilot Program Flyer

To download a copy of the S/4HANA Pilot Program, please enter your contact details. A member of our team will provide a short overview and share more details on the program with you.

The Pathway to S/4HANA on Hyperscaler Cloud

Partnerships that Matter

SoftwareONE collaborates with the top  technology companies around the globe. Our work has been recognized by our strategic partners such as SAP, Microsoft, and AWS. This is especially true for our unique capabilities and expertise across Asia, North America, and Australia. As an SAP gold partner in Australia, we have been recognized for our S/4HANA Expertise. We are an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS and Gold Partner with Microsoft in addition to being an Azure Expert MSP and  Microsoft’s number one re-seller globally.

SAP Technology Partners

SoftwareONE’s SAP Technology Services – Current Partnerships and Recognition Levels

  • BNW Consulting – A SoftwareONE company, is a SAP gold partner registered in Australia
  • BNW Consulting – A SoftwareONE company, is a SAP recognized expertise partner for SAP S/4HANA in Australia.
  • SoftwareONE is a gold level Microsoft Azure Expert MSP globally.
  • BNW Consulting – A SoftwareONE company, is an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services globally.

Engage with SoftwareONE Today!

We have the best talent to help you on your journey to S/4HANA on Hyperscaler. Our highly experienced team consists of onshore experts in Australia and offshore experts  across Asia. In addition, SoftwareONE has significantly expanded its existing  SAP S/4HANA and Hyperscaler expertise through the acquisition of BNW Consulting.

Are you ready to take  your SAP ECC system to new  technological levels on S/4HANA in the Hyperscaler Cloud? Do you want to work with the experts for S/4HANA on the Hyperscaler Cloud? Contact us today as  participation in this unique program is available only to select customers. Limited but significant financial incentives to participate in the SoftwareONE S/4HANA Pilot Program are  available.

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