Manage Your Oracle Java Footprint

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Manage Your Oracle Java Footprint

You know it. The application owners know it. The security officers know it. The IT and SAM departments know it. Everyone knows that Oracle changed its licensing policy for Java in 2019 and that these changes have an impact on your deployments of Java. However, you may not be sure what this impact is from a financial, audit and security risk perspective. Defining a strategy for Java is crucial, but where do you start? It all starts with insight into your current situation and understanding how it impacts your business. It can be challenging to get everyone on the same page, but the good news is that you don’t have to face this situation alone.

SoftwareONE’s Java Advisory Service provides the support needed to manage your Java footprint and reach your goals. By working with SoftwareONE as your trusted advisor, you will be able to detect and mitigate risks, achieve cost savings, obtain maximum benefit from your existing licenses and most importantly, define a long-term Java strategy.

Do You Ask Yourself Any of These Questions?

Do I need to pay a subscription fee for all my Java deployments to make use of the latest Java updates and patches?

Does the use of Java Commercial Features always require a payable license or subscription?

Does running older versions of Java pose serious security risks?

Do I have to license my complete VMware infrastructure for the deployment of Java?

Are there cheaper alternatives to Oracle Java?

All of the above are valid questions that Oracle customers are asking about their Java entitlements and deployments – and the answer is not always straightforward. Our specialists will work closely with your team to assess every installation of Java that is being used, ensure your license forecast fits your Java applications on your virtual machines and help you understand every aspect of using the free version, including if there are any risks involved.

Common Challenges

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Commercial and contractual negotiation

Gaining insight and knowledge from the market to leverage during negotiations with Oracle or alternative support providers 

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Lack of licensing know‑how

Having in-house capabilities and expertise to address licensing questions

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Security risks and vulnerabilities

Getting a clear overview of known vulnerabilities for your installed Java programs and the associated security risks

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Unpredictable/ increasing costs

Fully understanding your compliance situation to remediate and avoid unnecessary cost

SoftwareONE’s Strategic Approach – Data Driven Advisory

When you engage SoftwareONE to support with your Java licensing, you engage a team of specialists that provides leading experience to help you achieve your goals. We focus on providing you with complete and accurate data so that you can make informed decisions for your business needs.

Java Advisory Service Strategic Approach

Oracle Java Advisory

SoftwareONE’s Java Advisory Services are defined to support you in identifying financial and security risks, achieving compliance, avoiding and saving costs, and aligning your strategy to your needs.

Java Advisory Services Benefits


Understand what risks you are exposed to and how to mitigate them


Work with experts who can support you to get the best outcome for your organization


Achieve cost avoidance and cost savings aligned with your business strategy


Know who is using what within your organization


Make informed decisions that support your strategic business goals

Why SoftwareONE

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We cover both financial and security risks ensuring you get a complete picture of your current situation

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Our Java expertise will lead your experience and provide an in-depth analysis

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Zyncc workflow offers a secure, standard way of collecting the data required to analyze your licensing situation

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Our experts are continuously monitoring Oracle Java sources, ensuring we capture every change in licensing policy that is relevant for you

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We have helped many customers find the Java alternative that best suits their needs

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