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Software Supply Chain

Next to your people your software is your largest and most important investment – so how do you ensure your software estate roadmap is moving in the right direction? SoftwareONE is your expert in all things software. Whether you’re looking for advisory services, the ability to transact and purchase or a platform through which to manage your software we have the history, the capabilities and the relationships to guide you through the entire lifecycle.


“I’ve been impressed by the competence and professionalism of the SoftwareONE staff. They always bring value and expertise in line with my expectations. They are a terrific partner.”

Chris Loar, CIO, Orthosynetics

Understanding Your Software Needs – End to End

At SoftwareONE we understand that your software needs are complex. From licensing and contract needs to purchasing to deciding what you can and cannot handle in house – there are multiple decisions to be made on a constant basis. We take the guess work out of your software strategy and let you focus on your business. Be it advisory services, purchasing or transactional needs, or a fully managed service, we work with you to help you decide what your needs are today and in the future.

Software Publisher Advisor

Безперервність та безпека ІТ інфраструктури

Технологічний ландшафт сьогодні постійно змінюється, і стежити за різними видавцями, їх пропозиціями та тим, які технології підходять для вашого бізнесу, стає дедалі все складніше.

Cloud Management Services

Керовані хмарні сервіси

Керовані хмарні сервіси SoftwareONE – це люди, процес та технологія, щоб допомогти організаціям спроектувати, побудувати, автоматизувати та управляти своїми хмарними проектами.


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