SoftwareONE Named a Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

SoftwareONE Named a Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Digital transformation has become vital for businesses of all sizes to survive into the future. One of the quickest ways to make the leap to digital transformation is by looking into the software lifecycle. Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) is the combination of digitized and automated procurement with Software Asset Management (SAM) to deliver enhanced value across the complexity and costs of software.

Why SoftwareONE?

Our team at SoftwareONE delivers these results by combining the power of expertise with innovative technology to ensure your cloud estate is running in an efficient, cost-effective, and well-governed manner. We start by analyzing your current FinOps maturity and business goals, and then we share the right recommendations and actions to develop a road map to fuel your FinOps practice. We also give you the power of PyraCloud, a FinOps certified platform that provides all key stakeholders with the transparency and insights they need to successfully view, manage and optimize software and cloud costs throughout your organization. Then, we automate the workflows that trigger actions to keep your infrastructure fully optimized from the cost, backup, governance and security perspectives.

With our second-to-none methodology, we quickly analyze your complex estate and show you substantial optimization opportunities in a variety of different ways:

Uncover Immediate Savings

Free Up Cash Flow

Avoid Audit Penalties

Maximize Current Assets

Cut Through Complexity

SoftwareONE’s Strengths


SoftwareONE is an established provider to many organizations. Delivery of services is supported locally and remotely through backbone regional centers in India, Germany and Mexico, facilitating economies of scale and consistent delivery.

Global Presence

SoftwareONE’s extensive network of offices and resources enables services in a broad range of locations. Organizations in Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and North and South America find SoftwareONE’s convenient local resources key when choosing their best-fit provider.


Utilizing standardized mechanisms and delivery models, SoftwareONE delivers services to an extensive client base across regions at scale.

Dieter Schlosser

“SoftwareONE’s DNA is to go above and beyond for our customers. Being named a leader by Gartner further solidifies our market position and our ability to provide businesses with the technology solutions they need to both reset and thrive in today’s rapidly-changing digital world.”

CEO | SoftwareONE

Dieter Schlosser

Супутні кейси

Streamlined Software Inventory and Optimal, Cost-Effective Licensing Achieved!

SoftwareONE implemented a Microsoft Software Asset Management baseline project at Visicom to streamline its software inventory and achieve optimal, cost-effective licensing of its software to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.


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