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Evaluating a Direct vs Indirect CSP Partnership

Evaluating a Direct vs Indirect CSP Partnership

Microsoft supports both CSP direct and indirect partners equally. However, the requirements and investments vary. Microsoft has more recently started enforcing the program requirements of direct-bill partners which has caused some to re-evaluate their ideal model. An indirect partnership may prove to be more efficient, cost-effective and scalable for solution providers. This eBook provides insights and considerations to partners faced with aligning in a direct or indirect model.

SoftwareONE is a globally authorized Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider that enables partners to market, sell, invoice and manage cloud solutions to their clients. The SoftwareONE ONEClub Marketplace is a customizable, digital and automated platform that provides partners with cloud insights and telemetry needed to deliver cloud excellence. ONEClub partners also gain access to SoftwareONE's global portfolio of licensing, compliance, managed service solutions, and cloud advisory services to complement their own solution set.

In this eBook we will cover the following:

  • The requirements and benefits of being a Direct or Indirect reseller
  • How an Indirect partnership accelerates your cloud business
  • What should you expect from an Indirect provider
  • The tools and services available from SoftwareONE to get started