Rodobens Drives Digital Innovation Strategy

Case Study

Rodobens Drives Digital Innovation Strategy

Rodobens Drives Digital Innovation Strategy

A Cloud Transition Enables Competitive Advantages

A cloud transition strengthens Rodobens role as an industry leader in Latin America. Rodobens, has heavily invested in its innovation strategy to remain competitive in the financial services and automotive retail sectors. SoftwareONE cloud experts orchestrated the complex rehosting process for seven Rodobens business units. The move embraced a full migration from physical data centers to Microsoft Azure and SoftwareONE for managed cloud services, including the PyraCloud platform for planning and software management, Office 365 for user productivity and added Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) services for improved protection and GDPR compliance.

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Marcos Adam

“We have chosen Microsoft and SoftwareONE because we saw high value in the complete package they offered to us – we gained access to Microsoft productivity and security features along with SoftwareONE services. Today, Rodobens has a more efficient, secure, and agile IT infrastructure.”

CIO, Rodobens

The Project

  • Customer: Rodobens

  • Industry: Financial Services for Automotive Industry

  • Solution: Full migration to Microsoft Azure and Office 365, SoftwareONE managed cloud services, including the PyraCloud platform for planning, software and Azure spend management; implementation of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) services for improved protection and GDPR compliance; advanced Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

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About the Customer

For 70 years, Rodobens has engaged with customers and partners to offer integrated and innovative solutions in the financial services and automotive retail segments. Rodobens Companies form one of the largest business groups in Brazil, providing specialized and personalized customer service in the financial services and automotive retail sectors using an innovative, integrated model.

The Challenge

Rodobens manages a large automotive services business offering financial assistance for new and used car transactions throughout Brazil. Rodobens was challenged to increase IT agility and efficiency to improve channel partner integration, and to deliver better online customer buying experiences. But without adequate analytics and Business Intelligence (BI), Rodobens lacked insights about customer buying trends and risked a subpar online customer buying experience. Additionally, Rodobens faced a strategic decision as data center hardware and software support approached expirations: renovate the existing datacenter or migrate legacy systems to a cloud platform?

The Solution

Rodobens engaged SoftwareONE to conduct a technical and financial assessment to evaluate both datacenter upgrade and cloud migration options. The resulting cloud plan transitioned the existing data center environment, including SAP, to operate in the Microsoft Azure cloud, and standardizing on Office 365 for staff productivity. Rodobens extended the modernization by adding unified communications and Microsoft Power BI data visualization tools for analytics to improve insights into buying trends of its customers.

Once established through the cloud advisory engagement, Rodobens chose SoftwareONE to provide ongoing Managed Cloud Services. This support structure applies best practices, tested implementation methods, and operational control standards to ensure an optimized cloud environment. Monthly reviews verify performance and service levels for security, optimization, and planned changes. Because the company’s entire portfolio is managed by SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud platform, software management, planning, and insights e.g. in annual Azure expenses are greatly simplified. With SoftwareONE providing the expertise and experience to manage the entire cloud environment, Rodobens IT department can focus its time and resources on customers and core business. And for Rodobens business, the consistent implementation of its digital transformation strategy has paid off by delivering the intended business agility that supports bringing new financial products to the market.

The Result

  • Strengthened Market Position: Increased productivity, competitiveness and focus on innovation help Rodobens stand apart as an automotive financial services industry leader.
  • Increased Business Agility & Flexibility: Business agility improvements deliver financial products faster to market.
  • Focus on Core Business: Rodobens staff have time for increased focus on core business initiatives and overall customer satisfaction.
  • IT Cost Savings & Personnel Relief: The cloud transition and the outsourced cloud management have reduced overall Rodobens IT infrastructure and operational expenses.
  • Constant Optimized Cloud Environment: SoftwareONE managed cloud experts support new technology advances and ensure a modern, secure, and optimized cloud environment.
  • Easier Spend Monitoring: Software management information, insights, and updates are continuously available through PyraCloud.
  • Increased Compliance: Implementation of Exchange Online Protection, and the full E5 Enterprise and Mobility Suite, assures Rodobens' security requirements and regulatory compliance.
  • Full Use of the Cloud Advantages: Using the latest Azure and Office 365 cloud technology, Rodobens benefits from greater mobility, flexibility, security, reliability, and availability.

Managed Cloud Services

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