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Erik Moll

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New Features to Boost Your Collaboration in Microsoft Teams
  • 11 Şubat 2021
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity

Microsoft Teams’te Etkin İletişim için Yeni Özellikler

Microsoft Teams, uzaktan iş gücünün temel direği haline geldi. 2021'de yararlanılacak en yeni Teams özelliklerini öğrenmek için okumaya devam edin.

6 Exciting Meeting Features to Better Collaborate in Microsoft Teams
  • 15 Eylül 2020
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity

6 Exciting Meeting Features to Better Collaborate in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently announced new features for their collaboration platform, Teams. Here’s an overview of what they are and how to enable them.

Office 365 AI & You - Teams Customized Background

Microsoft 365 AI & You - Teams Customized Background

An update to Microsoft Teams AI is making your videoconferencing more professional. It ensures that you remain the center of attention – and not the cluttered background.


Managing Your Audio & Video Settings in Microsoft Teams

As businesses embrace remote working, it’s important to ensure all communication channels are up and running. Learn how to accomplish this in Teams.

Team up with SoftwareONE
  • 04 Temmuz 2019
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity, Unified Communications

Team Up with SoftwareONE: Managing Tabs within Teams

In the fourth part of our Team Up with SoftwareONE blog series our expert Erik Moll provides practical and employee friendly tips on how to work more efficiently by using tabs within Teams to organize your business productivity apps.

Team Up with SoftwareONE: How to aggregate document libraries in Windows File Explorer
  • 25 Nisan 2019
  • Erik Moll
  • User Productivity

Team up with SoftwareONE: File Explorer

Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint, we are using a great variety of tools that make collaboration and our work life a lot easier. Despite all the benefits it can be quite challenging to keep the overview of all documents…

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