Quest Software Audits

What Is Included in Your SQL Navigator License?

Quest Software Audits: What Products/Components Are Part Of Your SQL Navigator License?

  • 14 Aralık 2020
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In a previous article we looked at the different products and components as included in the different Toad software licenses, and this week we continue our Quest software audits series looking at the different software products and components as included in the different SQL Navigator software licenses.

Like many other software publishers, Quest has bundled a number of software products and components in its SQL Navigator software licenses. Having a clear understanding of what specific products and/or components are part of the different SQL Navigator licenses is required to manage your software compliance position and to validate if any conclusion as drawn during a Quest audit is complete and accurate.

SQL Navigator Family

The below table provides an overview of the different software programs as included in the different SQL Navigator software licenses.

dapibus inviverraquis
feugiat atellusPhasellus
QuisquerutrumAenean imperdiet

The best way to get out of an audit is to never get into one, but that’s not always an option. If and when Quest will knock on your door, asking to have a look at your software compliance situations – before sharing any data – have a clear view of your software compliance status internally. Especially with regards to the deployment and/or use of your SQL Navigator software programs, it’s important to have a clear view of the specific products and/or components as included in the different SQL Navigator software licenses obtained.

Therefore, you are highly recommended to perform an internal Quest audit on a short term, to identify your compliance position first before Quest starts an audit.

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