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RISE with SAP or Native Cloud | Making the Right Choice

RISE with SAP or Cloud-Native

Making the Right Choice

To harness the full innovation potential of SAP and benefit from the new technologies that enable an intelligent ERP, a migration to S/4HANA is inevitable. Although the “maybe” has now become a “when,” many companies are still trying to cut through the complexity of making the right decision about HOW to best plan their moves to S/4HANA. With its RISE with SAP offering, SAP added another course to the transformation menu.

Have you identified your key considerations?

On your way to S/4HANA, making the right decision and selecting the best options that will optimize the long-term business outcomes is the most challenging part. Let us help you on this journey – join our exclusive session and hear what our experts PF Grillet and Warwick Chai have to say. We’ll explore trade-offs between standardization and flexibility and discuss strategic key considerations such as agility, innovation, security and reliability, service delivery models, and cost optimization.

Balancing Your Options for Your SAP Transformation to S/4HANA


Are you looking for a one-stop approach to acquire S/4HANA cloud licenses and cloud infrastructure and to outsource the technical managed services to SAP using a subscription model?

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive, standardized offering to help drive your business-transformation-as-a-service, bringing together the solutions and services you need into one package.

SAP Technology Services


Are you looking for flexibility and to fully leverage the agility that cloud infrastructure enables across SAP and non-SAP applications estates while maintaining and developing your infrastructure, solutions and costs?

By using a direct approach to the cloud, you will be able to access and leverage cloud economics and increase IT agility and innovation on the futureproof cloud platform of your choice. 

RISE with SAP or Native Cloud? Understand Your Options!

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Let’s explore where You are on Your SAP Journey!

Depending on where you are on your SAP journey and the desired business outcomes you want to achieve there are several paths that will lead you to your future state of SAP. Are you still at the beginning of the transition to S/4HANA, do you already know your roadmap or are you yet to start planning to introduce S/4HANA? We help you understand the ideal path to success. Quickly fill in the form and get the expert advice to accelerate your business planning!

Working with A Trusted SAP Expert

SoftwareONE understands how mission-critical SAP is to your business. Your ability to leverage your SAP investment to the fullest is our primary focus. SoftwareONE's SAP Services span from advisory, to full implementation services, focused on migrating SAP applications to the public cloud, and converting SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, and SAP on Cloud Managed Services.

250+ successful SAP to cloud migration and S/4HANA conversion engagements

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500+ SAP Delivery Consultants, with 20+ years of SAP experience and extensive SAP & cloud certifications

Comprehensive advisory practice, spanning licensing and commercial, business advisory and technical cloud architecture services, assisting customers to optimize their plans towards S/4HANA