SoftwareONE presents Application Service & FinOps

  • 19 maj 2022 12:00 - 06:00 GMT
  • application services, FinOps

On May 19th, SoftwareONE is presenting their FinOps & Applications Services Conference.

To make the day as informative and inspiring as possible, SoftwareONE has aligned with some of our key partners such as Flexera, Predica, Splunk and Microsoft.

SoftwareONE and our partners will host different speaks concerning how organizations can move data to the cloud, as well as how to modernize business applications to operate on cloud technology. This journey will be the future for many organizations and here we will have Microsoft, Predica, Splunk and SoftwareONE talking more about that story.

Keeping a structure and clear overview of your cloud spending is very important to make sure you get the most out of your cloud consumption. Together with Flexera and SoftwareONE we will share knowledge on why this is important as well as how to do it.

We are also lucky to announce that on the day of the event the FinOps Foundation will participate and tell us about how they see a holistic picture of practising the FinOps discipline inside an organization.

Furthermore, we also have an existing case study with SimCorp that will be presenting their journey regarding implementing FinOps in their organization and how it has been, working with the FinOps aspect in SimCorp.

Be sure to register for the FinOps & Application Services conference on May 19th.

Link to the livestream will follow up soon.