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Cloud FinOps Diagnostic

Understand, Plan and Improve Cloud & FinOps Maturity

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic: Understand, Plan and Improve Cloud & FinOps Maturity

Organizations around the world are accelerating their digital transformation in order to remain competitive. To achieve operational excellence and agility, businesses are driving more workloads to the cloud to drive faster innovation and speed to market. While this offers better employee experience and faster routes to market, the rapid shift can make controlling cloud spend and ensuring accountability of cloud costs across the business more difficult.

Organizations face numerous cloud-based challenges with existing operating models, such as:

Constant Change Within the Cloud

Gaining and maintaining knowledge and experience on different cloud spend optimization techniques

Savings Realization

Identifying suitable candidates, implementing savings and measuring cost control/reduction KPI achievement

Pitfalls Prevention

Understanding the technical and operational implications for each optimization strategy

Cloud Spend Visibility

Knowing where the current cloud costs come from with confidence that we don't pay too much

Business Risk Mitigation

Modernizing IT with control over the cloud cost

This is where Cloud Financial Management (FinOps) can be applied to take control of spiraling spend and enable IT to become a service organization that adds value to the business.

SoftwareONE’s Cloud FinOps Diagnostic can help you establish a baseline across your business on cloud financial management maturity. We share best practices along the way that can enable your enterprise to innovate with cloud technologies – specifically Azure and AWS.

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Value

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic helps you assess your current cloud cost management capabilities and overall governance maturity. We will jointly analyze your current operation in relation to appropriate best-practice approaches in order to generate further optimization potentials.

With this service, you can build an objective business case that includes ROI and key facts and figures to gain financial buy-in from stakeholders. 

The results can be benchmarked against industry best practices and organizations similar to yours. With Cloud FinOps Diagnostic you can track the progress of your FinOps practice and lower the risk of overspending in the cloud.

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Allocate cloud costs to the corresponding business

Create showbacks or chargebacks and maintain tagging of resources

Settings Icon

Implement procedures to reduce cloud costs

Identify anomalies and receive recommendations on what to adjust

Presentation Icon

Assess and benchmark your current maturity

Understand your strengths & weaknesses

Achievement Icon

Improve maturity level

With recommendations and actions defined by SoftwareONE experts

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Optimize budgets and forecasts

Get consistent and accurate information on cloud usage

Identify gaps in current cloud management strategy

Build expertise and maintain knowledge, led by SoftwareONE experts

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Service

One of SoftwareONE’s FinOps experts will gather information using approximately 150 weighted questions focused on cloud management related topics (e.g. Cloud Transformation Alignment, Cloud Maturity, Cloud Strategy, Cloud Security, Cloud Platform) as well as financial management practices. Following that, we provide a set of recommendations based on proven FinOps practices that will help your organization in managing cloud spend and eliminating risks.

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Architecture

Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Dashboards

Our digitized approach helps you save time and effort on tailored process assessments by providing dashboards that cover a 360-degree view of your current status.

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