IT Insights in February: What Has Been Going on in the World of IT

What Has Been Going on in the World of IT?

IT Insights in February

IT Insights in February: What Has Been Going on in the World of IT

  • 05 juli 2021
  • 2.5 Minuters läsning

What’s been happening in the tech and vendor world in February? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It takes just a few minutes to stay up to date in the world of IT.

Vendor News

Adobe, Arm, and Microsoft form Content Authenticity Coalition.

Autodesk announced that Autodesk BuildTM, a new Project and Field Management Solution and Part of Autodesk Construction Cloud, is now available to Users globally.

AWS introduces Amazon CloudFront Security Savings Bundle.

Microsoft Azure Front Door enhances secure cloud CDN with intelligent threat Protection

IBM and Palantir Partner join forces to help Businesses easily deploy powerful and open AI Applications to unlock valuable Data across Hybrid Cloud Environments.

IBM and ExxonMobil build Quantum Algorithms to solve the giant Computing Problem of managing global Fleets of Merchant Ships.

Microsoft launches WorkLab, a new digital publication devoted to illuminating the future of work.

Microsoft launches three new industry-specific cloud offerings: Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Nonprofit

Oracle launches new Converged Charging System with in-memory data grid, helping Service Providers Charge for 5G Services in Real-time.

Oracle announces Cloud Customer Experience Updates with new Sales, Service, and Marketing Innovations.

Oracle expands Hybrid Cloud Portfolio with new Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure.

VMware announced Innovation within the vRealize Cloud Management to better optimize, protect and modernize Customers’ Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments.

SAP acquires No-Code Development Pioneer AppGyver, and announces to acquire Signavio, a leader in the enterprise business process intelligence and process management space.

SAP lowers Cost of Test and Demo Environment for Partners and enhances Real-Time Partner Dashboard to boost Partner Success.

Trend Micro Cybersecurity Report: Government, banking, manufacturing, and healthcare accounted for nearly 90,000 detections

SoftwareONE News

Many people are unaware of how common modern security threats work und don’t give it enough attention. That can get dangerous! Our brand new Cybersecurity User Awareness service can now help you close the knowledge gap of your workforce.

Migrating to the cloud can be more costly than it needs to be. SoftwareONE can help your company get control of its cloud spend with SoftwareONE’s Cloud FinOps Diagnostic service. We can help you track the progress of your FinOps practice and lower the risk of overspending in the cloud.

If your budget has recently taken a hit, check out this article to learn ways to optimize costs and maximize your TechSpend.

Microsoft named SoftwareONE an H1 Top Teams Partner! Read more about what this recognition means.

Tech News

Canalys Report: Cloud services spending jumps by $10 billion in final quarter of 2020.

Cloud Computing: AWS is still the biggest Player, but Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are growing fast.

Data61 Study: Artificial Intelligence can influence Human Decision-making.

Deloitte Survey: 80% of Adopters said the Pandemic accelerated their Organization's Shift to XaaS to help them adapt and become nimbler.

FinOps: Public Cloud Spend is seeing massive Adoption.

Forrester: AWS, IBM, Google, and Microsoft are taking AI from 1.0 to 2.0. 

Forrester Report: The Zero Trust Edge Model will be most helpful with securing and enabling remote workers while removing the difficult user VPNs.

IDC: Additional US$ 1B Will be spent for the Extended Enterprise Environment by 2022.

Oracle Study: "Robots" are trusted more than people when it comes to money management.

TechRepublic: New malformed URL Phishing Technique can make Attacks harder to spot.

ZDNet: AI will take Construction Robotics from Hype to Reality.

ZDNet: AI drives the Evolution of Technology and Data Governance.

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