How Insights Into Software Portfolio Drive Innovation and Cost Savings

How Insights Into Your Software Portfolio Drives

Innovation & Cost Savings

Software Portfolio Insights and Cost Savings

  • 29 juli 2021
  • 4 Minuters läsning

For many organizations ten years ago IT was an afterthought…a mandatory function that was not a priority. Fast forward to today and what a difference! IT is now much more strategic in organizations and is the driving force behind innovation and success. However, IT can also be a roadblock due to outdated systems or lack of insight to make decisions in a timely manner. A good understanding of the software landscape is essential to really exploit the potential of IT. With the SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud platform and our additional services, we give organizations the visibility and IT spend control they need.

"In my opinion, IT is much more fun than it was in the late 1990s when I started it," begins Sven Lap, PyraCloud Engagement Lead at SoftwareONE. "It is much more dynamic and is the driving force behind innovation. It also enables us to work much more efficiently. IT innovations is absolutely necessary if you want to respond to new market opportunities. Nevertheless, I often hear that organizations find IT expensive and confusing. It makes sense if cloud costs are up to three times higher than expected. But of course that doesn't have to be the case if you know exactly what you need and when. And good insight into your environment is indispensable for that."

"IT innovations is absolutely necessary if you want to respond to new market opportunities. Nevertheless, I often hear that organizations find IT expensive and confusing."

Sven Lap, PyraCloud Engagement Lead at SoftwareONE

From Insight to Cost Savings

Sven continues: "During each year you refresh your software landscape, but the corresponding contract and license management is often difficult. For example, do you know "what licenses" you bought "when"? How long does the contract actually run? And to what extent are you compliant? Only once you know what your organization is entitled to (known as license entitlements), can you start optimizing. For example, understanding what software is necessary for which employees in the organization. There might be interesting alternatives, options to consolidate, re-harvest and even retire some software. If you ensure that end users have software that they need to work efficiently, you make their workplace more attractive and often more economical."

Flexibility, Continuity and Time Savings

PyraCloud therefore provides a good foundation for IT. "But PyraCloud offers much more!” says Sven. “For example, you'll see at a glance all upcoming renewals, including expected costs. This will prevent surprises and gives you ample time to consider whether you want to continue the contract in the same form, and/or whether you want to rationalize your portfolio. Moreover, it is better for continuity than if one person is responsible for contract and license management. I often see people keeping all historical contract data, license keys, and other business-critical information in a personal Excel document. Very risky, because if that person suddenly falls ill or leaves the organization, the file is no longer accessible. In cases like this the risks of compliance and budget are incalculable."

PyraCloud Renewal Manager
Figure 1: PyraCloud Renewal Manager

Digital Supply Chain

SoftwareONE provides support at every stage of the procurement process – from negotiating with publishers; to recommending alternative products; to compiling real-time reports. All software purchased through SoftwareONE is automatically added or updated in the database. And with over 27 million product versions from 10,000 software manufacturers (such as Microsoft, IBM, VMWare, AWS, etc.), PyraCloud is actually the ultimate software library, where anyone with the relevant user permissions can order and manage all software. Do you need more reporting and tax calculation for your role or department? "That too is integrated into the platform. With the possibility for automated notifications by mail or sms." adds Sven.

A Real-time Platform in the Cloud

PyraCloud thus becomes the central platform for all software and services, from on-premises to the cloud. "Everything you can automate, you should automate.” says Sven. “This allows IT managers to focus on developing, transforming and innovating. For example, an accelerated transition to the cloud. If you know exactly what you need now and in the future, that cloud is suddenly not that far away. In addition, costs are much better represented by functionality such as Office 365 Analytics and Cloud Spend Management. And as I said, if you want to respond to new market opportunities and maintain your competitive position in the market in which you operate, you have to embrace IT innovations and the cloud cannot be ignored. In short, PyraCloud also paves the way to the cloud and lays a solid foundation for digital transformation."

Added Value

"Of course, SoftwareONE supports all of the topics mentioned," continues Sven. "We look at the short- and long-term objectives. We help you understand and monitor how the environment develops, because we all work in the same database. We also see when contracts expire and can, based on current use and objectives, proactively advise you on which services or software products are best connected. In fact, we always think of these two questions: How can we make the day-to-day work of our customers easier and how can we add value to the development of their organization?"

We Empower Companies to Transform

"Part of our vision is to have a positive impact on society," continues Sven. "The workplace is inextricably linked to the attractiveness and therefore the success of organizations. And I am personally convinced that with our platform and our services we make an important contribution to make and keep the workplace more attractive.

Learn More About PyraCloud

Learn how PyraCloud can help you gain visibility and track spend of your entire software and cloud portfolio.

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