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Электронные книги и статьи SoftwareONE содержат подробные исследования различных вопросов и предлагают конкретные советы и решения. Вы найдете большой репозиторий по широкому кругу вопросов.

Backing up Your Data in Microsoft 365

eBook: Backing up Your Data in Microsoft 365

Get a detailed look at some of the typical use case scenarios within Microsoft 365 (M365) that could cause the loss of your business data and learn more about why you should implement a data backup & recovery plan.

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Getting Ready For The Cloud – How To Master Your Cloud Migration

eBook: How To Master Your Cloud Migration

We are here to guide you on your way to understanding today’s various cloud offerings, while enabling a simplified, cost-effective transition to the cloud. Learn more about the power of cloud and how to find the right cloud model.

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eBook: Picking The Right Provider for a CSP Indirect Partnership

The are many Microsoft indirect providers to choose from but few can deliver the breadth of service, support and automation of SoftwareONE’s ONEClub Partner Program. We empower you to provide your customers best-in-class cloud services.

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Challenges and Benefits of an Effective Software Digital Supply Chain

eBook: Challenges and Benefits of an Effective Software Digital Supply Chain

In our increasingly digital world, creating an effective software digital supply chain has become the cornerstone of digital transformation.​ We have put together this eBook to help you understand the challenges and benefits.

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eBook: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

With Skype for Business Online moving to Teams, organizations now have to plan their UC migration carefully. We'll train you on the different approaches recommended by Microsoft and show how to best enhance your overall UC strategy.

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Every Penny Counts - Helping Your Business Remove Software Costs During Turbulent Times

eBook: Every Penny Counts

In this eBook we share our insight on where immediate savings can be made on IT budgets and longer term initiatives, including: using data to find cost savings, and contract optimization, saving money in the cloud and optimizing contract renewals.

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Research: Accessibility in the Public Sector

Through the findings uncovered from Freedom of Information requests, this exclusive research report details how councils are working hard to address the accessibility needs of its citizens and employees, as digital connectivity becomes the norm.

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eBook: Evaluating a Direct vs Indirect CSP Partnership

An indirect partnership may prove to be more efficient, cost-effective and scalable for solution providers. This eBook provides insights and considerations for partners faced with the choice of aligning to a direct or indirect model.

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eBook: The Power of Managed Backup

The days of a single centralized data center with expensive on-premises backup servers and a firewall to protect it are long gone. This eBook covers how to simplify and unify your backup and recovery efforts with SoftwareONE's BackupSimple.

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Research: Microsoft 365 Adoption

SoftwareONE commissioned research involving the survey of 200 IT decision makers to understand the level of adoption of Microsoft and Office 365 in the UK.

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eBook: New Microsoft Partner Agreement & Onboarding Process

As of January 31, 2020, all Microsoft CSP partners must sign a new Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA). We will guide you through this process and provide you the resources you need to ensure your indirect reseller business is compliant.

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Everyday Etiquette in Microsoft Teams

eBook: Everyday Etiquette in Microsoft Teams

This definitive “How to” guide covers some everyday etiquette for using Microsoft Teams. Following these guidelines should ensure you and your colleagues have a better Teams experience by keeping things streamlined, organized, and productive.

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Whitepaper: End of Support for Office 2010

On October 13, 2020 Microsoft ended its support for Office 2010. This whitepaper shows you how to protect your business now that Office 2010 is not longer supported and how to successfully plan your migration to Office365.

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Whitepaper: Office 2019 vs Office 365

This whitepaper delves into the differences between Office 2019 and Office 365. If you are currently thinking about updating your Office application, we can help you make the right choice for your business.

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eBook: Making Java a Business Success

Determining how Java is used within your business can be a labor-intensive process with many dependencies. Download this eBook to discover SoftwareONE’s three step approach to developing a Java methodology for your business.

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Whitepaper: Visibility & Control of Your Cloud Spend

This whitepaper looks at how setting in place an effective cloud budget and spend management methodology involving people, processes and technology can help your organization realize the full business requirements of the cloud.

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Effective Shadow IT Management

eBook: How to Effectively Manage Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to IT applications and infrastructure that are managed and utilized without the knowledge of the IT department. Benefit from customer-proven tips and learn how to effectively manage Shadow IT within your organization.

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eBook: Software Asset Management Business Case

This eBook will show you how to build up a business case that will help senior management and C-level executives prioritize software asset management.

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Research: Managing & Understanding On-Premises & Cloud Spend

The adoption of cloud technologies has taken off. SoftwareONE commissioned a survey of 300 C-level and IT decision makers to determine the state of the cloud and where it needs to go next.

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eBook: Prepare Your UC Journey

Digitally mature organizations are finding new ways to collaborate across today’s workforce. This ebook shows you how we can help you bring together the right tools, processes and people to ensure a long-lasting UC strategy.

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eBook: Embrace the Benefits of Video Conferencing

Engage in seamless collaboration and experience fluid collaboration from every platform. This eBook shows how you can integrate video collaboration into your everyday business for success.

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Whitepaper: Windows 7 End of Support

This whitepaper examines the background and consequences of the end of support, describes in detail the most important options for action, and aids in making a decision.

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