Trend Micro

Detect threats and stay protected.

Trend Micro – Detect threats and stay protected.

If your organization is already fully utilizing the cloud, leveraging a hybrid cloud model, or strategizing for the migration to the cloud – security must be top of mind. Whether you have recently been breached or are unsure about investing in a Security Operations Center (SOC), organizations are turning to Trend Micro to stay protected and continuously detect threats. Through a partnership with SoftwareONE, you’ll be able to make your environment more secure with Trend Micro deployments, remediate risk, and have the added comfort of a shared SOC service.

Bala Sethunathan

“One of the major pain points a Trend Micro customer looks at is the skills gap. A customer doesn’t want to go down the path of maintaining the right skills, they’d rather have a service provider who has a pool of people ready to do these things for them.”

Director, Security Practice & CISO

Learn How to Overcome These Common Security Challenges

Protection in the Cloud

When migrating to the cloud it can be difficult to keep control of your data. Maintaining the same level of visibility you had within your own data center and measuring ROI of security investments are essential, but administrators often struggle with achieving these requirements.

The Skills Gap

As software becomes more sophisticated, companies have found it especially difficult to find candidates with the proper level of expertise. On top of that, companies often falter with putting an effective cyber strategy in place that aligns with their overall business plan.

Having a Dedicated SOC Service

Having a dedicated SOC service is not something everyone can afford, but a shared SOC service can help to make sense of security data. Holding a monthly business review with a customer success manager who can explain security in terms of business risk should be a priority for companies.

View Trend Micro in a New Light through a SoftwareONE Partnership

Discover a few of the benefits and differentiators of a Trend Micro partnership with SoftwareONE.

Shared Security Operations Centers

If you cannot afford to have a dedicated SOC, a SoftwareONE partnership will help your organization deploy one. A shared SOC will bring you all the benefits of investing in one without the stress of managing it alone.

Raising Overall Cyber Awareness

Having overall cyber awareness is of the utmost importance to us. Many small and medium sized businesses worry if their investments are actually working to provide ROI. Gain visibility and learn how to protect cloud resources from a business continuity perspective.

Increasing Security Posture 

Increasing your organization’s security posture is hard work, and we’re here to lend a hand. Leverage a Trend Micro partnership to stop known malware, detect potential threats, boost incident management, utilize virtual patching, and remediate risk.

3 Packages to Offer

A SoftwareONE partnership will offer three different packages: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Each package offers different levels of protection, detection, and remediation, so organizations can choose which is the best fit for them.

Knowledge Across Providers

Due to our deep knowledge of Microsoft, we’ve become comfortable in both the use of their products and how best to secure them with Trend Micro. We’re able to help users understand what about their previous services did and didn’t work and build out a new, sustainable strategy.

Expanding Our Expertise

Here at SoftwareONE, we are always looking to expand our solution knowledge. We currently have subject matter experts, analysts, and strategists certified in Trend Micro to support your business needs.

Why You Should Move Forward with SoftwareONE?

At SoftwareONE, we understand your security concerns whether you’re a small business or a multi-national enterprise. With our global reach and growing expertise, we’re here to help you strengthen your security challenges. Should a Trend Micro challenge arise, we’ll guide you towards the right path so you can start operating a safe and secure environment.

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