Your Single Source for Partner Management Resources

Your Single Source for

Partner Management Resources

Your Single Source for Partner Management Resources

In a recent Accenture survey, 75% of business leaders agree that current business models will be unrecognizable in the next five year. Ecosystems powered by digital platforms are winning plays over the next 10 years. The power of the ecosystem is that no single player need to own or operate all components of the solution, and that the value the ecosystem generates is larger than the combined value each of the players could contribute individually.

Selecting the right IT partner to complement your ecosystem requires a thorough review of capabilities, scalability, reputation and resources. The most successful partnerships are built upon a foundation of trust. Without a trusted relationship, the collaboration and the likelihood for success will decline. Your partner is an extension of your business and should be adding value to improve your client’s experience.

IDC predicts that at least 50% of partner to partner collaborations will fail over the next three years due to a lack of comprehensive stakeholder-management roles in place.


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IDC predicts by 2022, 35% of large enterprises will create formal ecosystem partnerships with technology providers, blurring the lines between what is considered “customer” and what is considered “partner”.


More than 60% of buyers now say providers that are knowledgeable and address their needs have the most positive impact on their buying decisions. Buyers will gravitate toward providers that work hard to understand their goals throughout the buying journey.


Empowering High Performing Channel Partners

This eBook focuses on the wide array of channel partner programs and the value and service they offer their members. We will look at the current state of the indirect channel, address and help you assess RPV from your current providers, identify gaps in the value chain and factors to consider when choosing the right partner.

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Partner Choice for Cloud Success

What IT Solution Providers Need to Know about the Value of Microsoft’s CSP Licensing Program and the Choice of Relationship Models

An IDC eBook, Sponsored by Microsoft

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ISV Opportunity in a Transforming World

How Migration and Innovation are driving growth in the cloud

An IDC Infographic, sponsored by Microsoft

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Guia de decisão entre uma parceria CSP direta vs Indireta

Este e-book fornece ideias e considerações aos parceiros que estão indecisos entre um modelo direto ou indireto.


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Programa de CSP Indireto ONEClub

Através de transações automatizadas, serviços gerenciados e um marketplace digital, o Programa de CSP Indireto da SoftwareONE provê um negócio mais rentável.

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Serviços de nuvem gerenciada

A Nuvem Gerenciada da SoftwareONE reúne as pessoas, os processos e a tecnologia para otimizar suas iniciativas na nuvem.

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Serviços Gerenciados Simple

O Simple da SoftwareONE oferece direção e a experiência que você precisa para simplificar o gerenciamento de software e ativos em nuvem.

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Comunicação e Colaboração

As Comunicações Unificadas vão além da comunicação tradicional e da colaboração em equipe, permitindo que você se torne mais produtivo e trabalhe com mais eficiência.

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