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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Computing: Watch out for These Security Challenges

The hybrid cloud market is booming. Although the approach offers organizations flexibility it comes with some risks. Our expert sheds some light on the security challenges linked to the hybrid cloud and provides solutions.

According to research, the hybrid cloud market will be worth $97.64 billion by 2023. Increasingly, organizations are turning to a mixture of private and public cloud services to provide the flexibility they require. However, managing a hybrid cloud environment presents new challenges, as it has the potential to add a layer of complexity to IT infrastructures.

In particular, a greater security risk can arise from the increase in points of vulnerability and access, which is the kind of concern that will keep CIOs up at night. IT-Security experts, Trend Micro, have highlighted the challenges for organizations. The uptake of cloud technology use that we found in 2020 will press on in 2021 to address the pandemic’s effect on operations. We expect this trend to continue to grow even when the pandemic recedes. Toward the end of 2021, the majority of workloads will be running in the cloud.

Managing the evolving threat

One of the most infamous breaches of all time illustrates how cloud vulnerabilities can be devastating. Yahoo! relied almost exclusively on cloud infrastructures and had over one billion user accounts compromised in an attack. In another example, Docker, a cloud-based containerization platform, was found to have more than a dozen malicious images which had been downloaded at least five million times over the course of a year, before they were pulled out.

In the age of hybrid cloud and the potential impact of a cloud breach, organizations need to be proactive in protecting themselves. Hybrid cloud environments where organizations are transferring data between a private and public cloud provider generate greater risk by increasing the threat surface and offering more opportunity for attacks. Yet, as the figures show, hybrid cloud environments are set to become the norm – so having the right tools in place to safeguard sensitive data is essential.

To achieve this, organizations need to ensure they invest in purpose-built solutions to minimize risk; Trend Micro’s Deep Security for Hybrid Cloud solution protects businesses across the data center, cloud, and containers, without compromising on performance or security. This way companies can be confident their critical IP and sensitive data is secure. Clearly, hybrid cloud is the new normal. According to a March 2020 report, more than 90% of global enterprises will rely on hybrid cloud by 2022. Another survey from the same month found that 97% of IT managers planned to distribute workloads across two or more clouds in order to maximize resilience, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and leverage best-of-breed services from different providers.

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