Kompleksowe bezpieczeństwo

Secure Your Most Valuable Assets

Zabezpiecz swoją firmę przed współczesnymi zagrożeniami cybernetycznymi.

We are embracing new technology on a massive scale. Unfortunately, these new technologies give cybercriminals a huge boost and some threats are constant, such as:

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– one click is all it takes to install malware and carry out other attacks.


– blackmail or encryption Trojans provide access to sensitive data.

Mobile Devices

– expose unsecure endpoints to potential cybercriminals.


– offer a false sense of security but are actually the most valuable targets for hackers.

Secure Your Users & Your Cloud

With the number of cyber threats growing, it is crucial that modern businesses prioritize their IT security. Our Managed Security services guide you through the oversight and administration of your company’s security processes. Whether it’s about setting up the ideal infrastructure, implementing a security management system or handling your incident response, we have your back to make sure you can:

  • Conduct business as usual with minimal downtimes due to security initiatives and a direct line of communication that seamlessly reports to your business.

  • Focus on your core business activities while leaving your security concerns to the global experts specializing in early threat detection and protection.

  • Free up your IT to shift their focus to security program oversight and other activities that advance enterprise goals while we conduct vulnerability and penetration testing, perform routine security scans, and take care of other security management functions for your company.

  • Realize cost savings by installing a Security Operations Network (SOC) that takes over security monitoring and management as well as your incident and response management.

SoftwareONE’s Managed Security Offerings

We partner at a global scale with local delivery capabilities to help you stop malicious activities and improve security effectiveness in your IT environment while helping you navigate complex regulatory requirements.

Two IT security experts secure cloud environment

Secure Your Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments in Azure & AWS

With our Cloud Workload Security service we plan, configure, implement and support the security of the virtual servers within your Azure and/or AWS environment, including on-premises data centers.


Improve Your Security, Compliance & Governance within Microsoft 365

Our Managed 365 Security service enables your organization to effectively respond to security incidents and realize the full benefits and return on Microsoft 365 security investments.


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