3 Facts About

Microsoft Teams

3 Facts About Microsoft Teams

In mid-March Microsoft announced that its latest collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams, has rolled out to Office 365 users worldwide. What is Teams and how can it affect my personal teamwork? We collected three basic facts about Microsoft Teams that will help you getting started with the tool.


“With more than 85 million active users, Office 365 empowers individuals, teams and entire organizations with the broadest and deepest toolkit for collaboration. Office 365 is designed to meet the unique workstyle of every group with purpose-built, integrated applications: Outlook for enterprise-grade email; SharePoint for intelligent content management; Yammer for networking across the organization; Skype for Business as the backbone for enterprise voice and video; and now, Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365.“

Collaboration tools seem to be the wave of the future. As Microsoft knows well, being able to stay up to date with the latest ways employees are communicating will increasingly drive businesses to Office 365. Teams is providing elements from other Office 365 apps while also delivering entirely new ways to work together.

What Exactly is Teams?

#1: It’s a chat platform

Whether it’s having an emoji war back and forth in real time, video chatting or simply writing a message, Teams can do it all. Follow along with channels to get all company updates (similar to Yammer groups) and post attachments. Of course you can do this all from your mobile device or computer.

#2: Teamwork is the goal

It combines all Office 365 applications — including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Power BI. The familiarity of platforms makes it easy for employees to engage in the platform. With easy to share features your team can be more insync with each other than we ever thought possible.

#3: Integration stems further than Microsoft products

Microsoft says more than 150 software integrations will be headed to Teams soon, including Mailchimp, Kayak, Growbot and Trello. Instead of opening a separate browser, you can now add a tab atop a Teams room’s chat window and view stats in real time.

Office 365 offers an immense breadth of tools that you can customize for your team to work more efficiently. If you don’t need the rich collaboration features of Teams, you can rely on Yammer, Word, Excel and other traditional Office apps. The ability to use these features today if you are a current Office 365 customer is compelling.

Interested in Microsoft Office 365?

Are you looking for more details about Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams? Visit our 365Simple page for details.

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