Your Single Source for Managed Backup Resources

Your Single Source for

Managed Backup Resources

Your Single Source for Managed Backup Resources

Since data is so integral to the success of business functions, organizations must ensure that it is secure. Data can be irrecoverably lost or altered – through cyber-attacks, employee errors, or a host of other complications – which can bring business operations to a standstill.

However, as IT environments become more complex between on-premises data centers and the cloud, tracking, cleansing, and backing up the data is challenging. This challenge is compounded by the increase in multi-cloud environments that require IT teams to correlate and centralize data being stored across multiple cloud service providers. IT teams have faced these types of challenges before, managing the influx of applications and shadow IT brought in by different lines of business across distributed environments, and the increased use of cloud storage highlights the need for how important backup solutions are yet again.

96% of global IT decision makers experienced at least one outage in the past three years.


Companies experiencing frequent outages had 16x higher costs than organizations with fewer instances.


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Case Studies

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

SoftwareONE Romania implemented Disaster Recovery as a Service based on Microsoft Azure and Veeam Cloud Connect. IT backup and recovery cost reduction by more than 30 percent was one of the results.

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Backup Microsoft Teams teaser

Zo zorg je voor een goede backup van Teams-data

Voor veel organisaties is werken in de cloud de nieuwe norm. Toch is het niet zo dat de back-up van data, zeker op Microsoft Teams, daarmee ook meteen is geregeld. Läslo Brouwer, Solution Specialist bij SoftwareONE, zoomt hier verder op in.


Why Data Backup Must be a Priority in Digital Transformation Initiatives

Even when digital transformation goes better than expected, there is still great risk involved. Read up on why data backup must be a priority in digital transformation initiatives.


How to Achieve Maximum ROI with Azure and AWS Backup

When it comes to backing up cloud-based offerings like Azure or AWS, you’ll want to get the most out of your money. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can achieve maximum ROI for Azure and AWS backups.

Gain Complete Control of Your Backup & Recovery Environment: Our Services

Krijg volledige controle over jouw back-up- en herstelomgeving

Neem het risico en de complexiteit weg door het proces te vereenvoudigen en al je gegevens in jouw cloudopslag op te slaan.

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Verbeter jouw beveiliging, compliance & governance binnen Microsoft 365

Onze Managed 365 Security oplossing stelt jouw organisatie in staat om effectief te reageren op beveiligingsincidenten en de volledige voordelen en het rendement van Microsoft 365-beveiligingsinvesteringen te realiseren.

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