Optimized Software Lifecycle Management for KVH

Case Study

KVH Ensures Compliance and Cost Control for Its Software Assets

KVH zorgt voor compliance en kostenbeheersing voor haar software-omgeving

SoftwareONE helps to Maximize the Value of KVH’s Software Investments with Optimized Software Lifecycle Management

KVH wanted to improve its Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) to facilitate asset management and better manage publisher license agreements. To overcome internal resource bottlenecks KVH engaged with SoftwareONE in a joint project for SLMAdvanced services. These services allow KVH to automatically manage the software assets of all servers, VDIs, and clients to stay up-to-date. Also, license balances for various publishers are drawn up regularly. Periodic compliance checks and optimization consulting with SoftwareONE continuously improve budget planning without financial risks.

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Christian Zinke

“SLMAdvanced services make our day-to-day activities much easier. The graphical representation of our data provides us with a good basis for decision-making at all times. It enables us to prepare new software purchases quickly or even avoid them altogether.”

Team Leader for IT Infrastructure, KVH

The Project

  • Customer: Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hessen (Hesse Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians); KVH

  • Industry: Public

  • Services: SoftwareONE SLMAdvanced

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About the Customer

Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hessen (Hesse Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians; KVH) is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. KVH ensures that people with statutory health insurance in the German state of Hesse receive medical care from independent doctors and psychotherapist practices distributed throughout the state. KVH also manages Hesse’s emergency medical services (Ärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst) and partner practices for clinics. Expertise and good organization are imperative for KVH to master its responsibilities. Under the leadership of a medical director, specialists from various disciplines work together across departments.

The Challenge

Following its first joint Software Asset Management (SAM) project, KVH wanted to engage a service to cover ongoing Software Lifecycle Management (SLM). The plan would facilitate both software asset management and license agreements with publishers. KVH had faced daily challenges ensuring continuous compliance and cost control. It was further burdened with the transfer of increasingly complex licensing requirements from the various publishers. The large VDI environment also included distributed locations and remote workers. Resource bottlenecks developed for in-house software procurement and administration for 1,800 users.

The Solution

Following a positive experience with SoftwareONE in a joint SAM project, KVH engaged SoftwareONE for SLMAdvanced services. These services allow KVH to automatically manage the software assets of all servers, VDIs, and clients. Also, license balances for various publishers are drawn up every six months and presented in a report. This enables KVH to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and take the appropriate measures. The regular compliance check and optimization consulting with SoftwareONE help improve budget planning without financial risks.

The Result

  • Ongoing compliance is assured without one-off compliance balancing
  • Financial risks of potential software audits are minimized
  • Incorrect licensing and expense for unnecessary new software purchases are avoided with knowledge of available software and users
  • KVH understands the complexity of license agreements using reliable data in regular reports with a clear dashboard display offer transparent planning and optimization as well as an enormous potential for cost savings
  • Alignment of procurement, usage, and software update processes are standardized throughout the organization, causing considerably less administrative effort while improving consolidation possibilities
  • Focus on core tasks and important IT projects is enhanced as critical resources are freed up because software lifecycle management has been completely outsourced

Software Lifecycle Management

De mensen, het proces en de technologie om toegevoegde waarde te creëren in jouw gehele softwareomgeving

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